Nov 3, 2008

what did u say again...?

it has been proven. my friends are mad. all of them. also, they're REALLY entertaining. so reproducing chats - mostly with permission. suruchi/vibs... i don't need ur permission :P

me: how old is she?

X: 24
me: child marriage!! heyy bhagwaan!!!!
X: arre no, i am actually one year younger

me: what? as compared to...???
X: than my official age.
eh? ever heard of anyone like this?

suruchi: are u allowed to legally keep pubs at home there?
me: PUBS? u mean CUBS, right? well...
typos are an interesting way of life now... :)

A: when're u having kittens, catty?
me: not yet. but will let u know. y the sudden concern?
A: then i'll gift them a yarn of wool.
dewdrop's addition to this conversation:
when they're kittens, they can play with it. once they grow up, u can knit mittens for ur kittens.
conveniently forgetting that I can really not knit. and my kittens will be human!

me: main tumpar book likhungi
J: likho. it will be a bestseller. loyalty mujhe dena
me: ???
uncertain pause.
me: loyalty u have. Royalty, i'll pay u.
hmm.. forgetting R is just not done, is it?

me: arre the n'bours cat - chocolate - stalks me, u know.
A: he must be discussing with his friends over a pint of milk at the cat-bar later... of how there's this hot indian cat who's shifted into the building.
me: yeah right! arre he's scary.
A: poor chocolate. you'd make a great couple, u know... chocolate and rayshma.
me: hahaa... u've lost it!
A: purrfect pair. it'll make a great movie also.

me: ???
A: presenting... a love story of 2 cats, in a world that's gone to the dogs.
me: hahaa! u're gonna make it?
A: yeah. and i'll get pussycat dolls and snoop dogg for the soundtrack.
i should've pitched for digital rights! ;)

i get a mail from J saying "am online, login?" so i do.
me: am so happy u're online! :)

J: 4 minutes.
me: what?
J: i'm online for 4 mins.

me: i was watching chocolate *refer above* attempt to stalk a bird today.
dewdrop: then what happened?
me: by the time he could move, the bird had flown off. going by his size, he should hunt deer.
dewdrop: hehe... what would u do if he'd caught the bird?
me: well, nothing. what did u think?
dewdrop: you could have snatched the bird from him actually.

Vibs: WHERE are the skimpy clothes u are giving me?
me: arre i have to die for u to get them.
Vibs: oh. i thought because u're in london u're giving them away.
me: no no... later. there'll be more till then.
vibs: i'll wait, then.

me: :(
vibs: not for u to die, idiot!!!
well, anyone who thought otherwise here???


Preethi said...

ahem ahem.. I thought otherwise of course.. loved the snippets :) the story of the 2 cats in a world gone to dogs does sound promising ;)

la vida loca said...


Suma said...

u lead an interesting chat life ;)

and i thought otherwise too...

DewdropDream said...

Humans are the ones who wear mittens woman! And it's a ball of yarn, not a yarn of wool :P

Fat Kabootar was also very funny

rayshma said...

dew: tell HIM that.
fat kabootar was awesome! :D esp the way he was strutting for u! HAHAHAHA...!

suma: i know. that's the only interesting aspect left now! :D

loca: :)

preethi: yeah right! :P YOU of all ppl thinking otherwise! don't i know ya! yeah, i should copyright that, eh?

Keshi said...

Official age? WTH is wrong with ppl!

I hope this comment goes thru now :)


Mahogany said...

hey, you're having kittens? congratulations!

DewdropDream said...

YOU tell him that :P

@ Mahogany: She isn't. She's kidnapping cats instead.

rayshma said...

mahog: no no.. i'm not!! :D

dewdrop: behave urself. u can't scare mahog! :P btw, i'm not kidnapping cats. yet. ;)

DewdropDream said...

Whaaaaaaattttt???!!! I AM behaving wonly. Mahogany would be scared only if he were a cat what with you catnapping and all :P

You wait till I come with reinforcements... am calling Galadriel to join the battle now :D

rayshma said...

LOTR nahi padhi beta? i aint the one who cannot be named.
galadriel IS busy. hahahaa!!!

stop calling my friends cats! :P u wait till i see u today.

DewdropDream said...

Ghor anyay!!! You're accusing me of things I haven't done!! :( Come for lunch :D

rayshma said...

aa rahi hoon yaar.. con-call start hi nahi hua ab tak... :( yeh sab yahan kyon likh rahe hain hum? :D

Noodlehead said...

lol! never a dull moment, huh?

plush said...

haha...dew n raysh...u girls r driving each other mentluu...yay...err..ok..
n for a min even i thought vibs was waiting for D day..:d

DewdropDream said...

@ PLush: No no, this is entertainment :D Friday afternoon is our excuse :D

plush said...


Amey said...

Err... "1 year younger than official age" may happen. I have known some kids who were "officially" 1 year older than they actually were so that they could get into school 1 year before. (And, I may just have confused you more)

rayshma said...

noodles: neverrr!

plush: yeah, the weekend WAS good fun :)

amey: erm.. welcome here?! and yes, u did confuse me. but dewdrop's explained ur comment to me. :D

dewdrop: GO BLOG! :P