Feb 13, 2008

it's about d money, honey!

me: u know what... mishra bought me today. on facebook. for $571.
vin: he did what?
me: bought me! and then mailed me saying "i've bought u. now u have to call me 'master'".
vin: hehee
me: what hehehe? moron! and u're okay that he bought me?
vin: hmm... yeah. he knows u well enough. but how can he buy u?
me: there's some app on facebook that lets u buy & sell frenz. u're okay with guys buying ur wife???
vin: arre? u shud be flattered he wants to buy u after knowing u so well!
me: *stunned into silence. thinking "he shall pay for this later* achcha?
vin: let's do one thing. let's tell him that when he has to return u, he pays me $1000.
me: what?
vin: *obviously very pleased with himself* yeah, return policy! buy at own risk. return for $1000.
me: who will pay whom here..?
vin: HE will pay ME when he wants to return u. that is why it's a return policy. also, we're sure to earn the $1000, hai na!?


Galadriel said...

Smart man, that!

Preethi said...

lol.. i bet its raining insults there now?? :)

plush said...

lol..like glads said..smart man!

Thinking aloud said...

Is Vin OK? :D

Aryan said...

Heee..I guess Vin's point is valid...hhhaaao
Aryan's mom

Rohit Tripathi said...

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rayshma said...

rohit: welcome! u're now officially the youngest known person to read this blog! :D

aryan: hehe... yeah, actually, it is!

suma: yeah, he's trying my practicality on me! :D

plush: glads made me think "gladiator"? hehee... but yeah, i know!

preethi: no re! it was for smartness of this kind that i actually married him! :D

galadriel: u just need a reason to hit on him, eh?! ;)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

What a deal !!Excellent

MJS said...

You mean someone *actually* spent money to buy YOU???
How wierd is that!!! *rolling eyes*

rayshma said...

comps: :D

mrids: tum logon ko kadar nahi hai... warna market mein meri value achchi hai ab tak! ;)

TheKing said...

So when is the next part of this post coming?

I mean the part in which the story takes the dramatic turn where Vin is offered not 1 K but 2K USD to accept you back but he still refuses the money (and you also!) and laughs at the buyer?...

(For rest of the blog world, since chances of my survival are slim after this comment, this my last Alvidaa to you all!!)

Joy said...

Vin seems to be a real funny guy...loll