Feb 7, 2008

i'm blessed.

no, this isn't a post about me trying to say how blessed i am and u shud worship me! i'm actually blessed. preethi blessed me. and i haven't stopped beaming since i got to know that!
i would like to thank... well, all of u! :) and preethi gets double thanks. feels really really nice to be thought of... :)
of course, now it's my time to play the goddess of blessings... and i'm in a magnanimous mood. so here i go!
i bless :
suruchi & minal: this blog wudn't exist if not for u gurls.

mahesh: may u find d wife i've been harassing u about! ;)

fuzzy: she's disappeared... and i wonder where...hope all's well.

orchid: the first few who started reading my doodlez! and i love her space.

galadriel: blessings to the lady of lorien for all she may want in life
alice: who writes wonderfully, and loves cats! ;)
ketan: bless u & urz and wish u all the best. always.
mrids: since i know where she works, i know she needs the blessings!
plush: she has a wicked sense of humor...and me loves it!
taureau: all d best with d elephants & goats & of course, the gurlz... and keep blogging abt them all!
pix: for being so absolutely lovely and picking up tags :D
lavs: wishing her loadsa luck with her baby

and also blessing all of u who're reading this! we can always do with a few more blessings, can't we?!

ok... prats & lavs have tagged me... so the tags coming up in a bit!


MJS said...

yeah woman! I NEED the blessings and how!!!
More so, as I am gonna be traveling for the next 6 days, with you know who!!

Galadriel said...

thanks so much! will pick this up at leisure, when my brain isn't fried from all the algorithms.

rayshma said...

mrids: blessings are generic, u know. they don't protect u from the knowingly daft decisions we make ourselves... go figure! :P

galadriel: hehe... whenever, babes!

plush said...

"n god bless u...naanaanaa"...tats what i sang for u here raysh...:)..am defntly blessed!

plush said...

"n god bless u...naanaanaa"...tats what i sang for u here raysh...:)..am defntly blessed!

TheKing said...

Oye goddess of blessings..

Bless u!


Suruchi said...

thanks babes!I am really a blessed one :)

alice-in-wonder said...

hehehe. Gee, thanks :)

rayshma said...

alice: r u coming to TX coz i blessed u?! :)

suruchi: people who can call u a friend are the ones who're blessed!

mahesh: hehehe... halkat! blog update kar aadhi! phatke laveen bhetlyavar! :P

plush: hehe...thankee thankee...!

alice-in-wonder said...

Hehehe. Good enough reason, no? ;) Hv emailed you at your gmail id.

alice-in-wonder said...

Hey...linked to this post. Btw, why can't i see a link for navigating the archived posts? Or is it not there? :(