Feb 15, 2008

the inner circle

life has changed a lot for me in the past couple of years. and i seldom analyze how blessed i am to have friends who'd do anything for me. it's so comforting to know that i can count on every one of them to be there for me. to make me feel better when i'm feeling grey... to make me smile when i least feel like it. to point out the silver lining when i look up at dark, stormy skies.

i've always categorized everything. frenz included. so i have acquaintances, colleagues, people, friends, and then close friends. here's to core that form the inner circle!

minal: for knowing exactly when i need her. we may not speak for days... weeks... but somehow, the DAY i'm feeling low, she's there. almost telepathically. she has this uncanny way of just knowing what i'm thinking. i don't have to bother finding d words! i love the fact that nothing has diminished the closeness we feel. if anything, we're closer today than we were when we first met.

suruchi: for being there for me. through-out! on days i desperately need to talk to her & on days when i don't. for opening her heart & home to me at a time when i was a li'l lost! *and even homeless, after the b'bay floods!* she made me realize that i don't detest kids, maybe even like them! she made me understand that marriage doesn't tie you down if you marry the right person. that u don't have to lose your individuality only because you're a wife, a mother. you still ARE you. and above all, she made me realize that i wasn't the idol of perfection! :) she keeps me rooted, no matter what. and i am so honored she thinks of me as a friend!

vibs: she morphed into a friend from a colleague before i could turn & say "i like to dance!" she's stood by me through some real stormy, confused times. she made me fall in love with b'bay. and with life. she was my food guide, my area guide... we've done a lot of crazy things, driven people up d wall... had fun. through tears and smiles. through storms and d calm preceding it. our friendship has been put to test at so many levels... and we're still close. i don't know what i'd do without her in my life. d only person i know who lives life with so much zest & style! she's going through a tuff phase right now and i hope i can be there for her like she has been for me.

mishra: he's allergic to mush. simplifies every issue with a flair that makes me feel silly at times! but he knows how to make me smile. irrespective of how screwed i'm feeling. sometimes, we take people for granted. with him, i know i can... and i do. and he returns the favour. but we both know how much the other means to them! and tho i'll never tell him... it's comforting to have a fren like him.

joy: for being the bozo only he can be! for introducing me to bong rock! and making me procure a legally banned CD. has d most amusing perspective on every situation! thinks i married V so HE can have twins! *complicated, warped logic... don't bother!* but i know that if ever i need to fall back on him, he'll be there.

then, there are my occasional guardian angels who help me cheer up on arbit days when i'm blue for arbit reasons... there's GPS, whom i only grow fonder of with every passing day... there's Poo - she can be annoying as hell at times, but i still love her!

here's hoping all of u who believe in V-Day had a good one... and so did all of u who don't! :)


La vida Loca said...

your friends are lucky to have u too

plush said...

:)..call me sad or votevr raysh..but am actually cheered up...no..just glad...reading stuff u girls write after almost 18 hrs of madness...thank god for all of u...and all of this...(n yea..if am not makin much sense... yea.. votevr...its friday aiyn..belated v-day n stuff...)

Preethi said...

Looks like you have some really lovely friends.. friends are life's true treasures!! :)

Galadriel said...

nice list. :) whatchu do for v day finally?

Suruchi said...

am speechless...love u babes!

Monsieur K said...

sahi hai :)

Thinking aloud said...

so you had a rocking V day? ...

Aryan said...

This post is really good..
Aryan's mom