Feb 27, 2008

i ate it all...!?

a mail interchange between me & mine.. this noon. it's extremely amusing, to me. and i HAD to post it here. so i could always r'ber it!
the lines are verbatim. from the mails.

mail 1:
vin: lunch is awesome....:)
did u give me all of it or u kept some...
me: gave u all of it. enjoy! :) *i usually cook dinner*
vin: :(.. we dont have anythin to eat now...??

i would like to clarify that we DO have food to eat. or rather, we will. once i stop blogging, get off my fat a$@# and cook!


Galadriel said...

aww...what was for lunch?

Preethi said...

haha there is always Pizza!! or like Nantu puts it "call the Pizza Place"

Preethi said...

oops clicked send too soon... he says "Call the Pizza place and ask the Pizza man to bring some yummy pizza"!!!

~nm said...


Solitaire said...

haha! at least you cook. I only eat noodles.

Lena said...

lolzz still hope you DO have something to eat :D

Suruchi said...

:) i don't just believe THIS...you cook and pack lunch for vin...so sweet!

rayshma said...

suruchi: hehe... yeah, i'm damn cute na!? :0)

lena: hehe... yeah, i managed to cook. but we still went out to grub! :D

solitaire: lol! no, we're both foodies... so we both cook! :D

nm: welcome! :)

preethi: oh, d trick there was that he wanted to eat out at the international thingie at the univ y'day... HENCE, the "no food now" stance! :D

galadriel: chhole-chaawal. u want? :P

La vida Loca said...

chhole chawal? I want :)

plush said...

:)...talk abt timing...was just wonderin y i only watched those "cook-in-30min" shows but nver get around to actually cookin any!

Thinking aloud said...

That was so very sweet..(for want of a better word....:)

so u went out then?

Aryan said...

You are so funny...
Aryan's mom

rayshma said...

aryan: welcome back! :) and, thank u!

suma: HAHA! u really don't trust me to make dinner, do u!? :D
i DID cook dinner, but we went out irrespective! :D

plush: watching those shows made me believe i wasn't a good cook. stay away from them, woman! :D

loca: sure! come over! but trust me, i am not so good at it...! :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Awwww..so sweet! These mail xchanges..aren't they some of the best things!

These days me n hubby work from home..so the mail xchanges have stopped..i miss it sooo badly and ask the hubby to mail me..he confirms that his wife his loony!