Feb 21, 2008

failed attempt at fr'ship

no, not by me. by my baby, kyra. the cute little tiger cub on d left? of course, by now, kyra believes she's a little kitty. and she's not going to grow up into a man-eater! rather, she's not going to grow up. EVER! it's like neverland for her! she's also as docile as a kittie. she even plays with rope & wool!

so... my well-behaved darling thought she needed to make friends. she thought that like rayshma, *whom she has now adopted as her own pet* she also should "surf" - strange word, that - and find like-programmed pals. virtual friends, as they say.

thus it was, that she came across buddy, the dawg. he seemed nice. he seemed friendly. after all, his name was "buddy", duh! also, he was mrids' pal. so kyra cud frolic with buddy while rayshma & mrids bitched about everything under the sun. perfect situation?

kyra approached buddy y'day. feeling extremely shy - for she had never interacted with dawgs *or men*, she extended a paw, smiled her adorable smile, even wagged her tail like a dawg and sed "friends?"

that's where the proverbial kahaani-mein-twist made an appearance.

buddy did a double-take.. and sed "course not! i'm scared of u!" and whimpered back into mrids' lap! *scaredy little thing!*
poor little kyra took back her paw - for a minute, she thought of showing him her sharp, retractable claws, but then realized it would only worsen the matter - hung her head down, smile wiped out... and came back to me. sulking.

it's sad to see her like that. but my little tigress doesn't need friends who don't appreciate her. she could do well to stay away from specie-ists *that's d equivalent of racist in her world* like buddy the dawg!

but as of now, she's just a little heart-broken by the sheer insensitivity of buddy. she'll be fine. i'll make sure. but in protest, i hereby declare, that i shall not throw ANY bones at buddy. hmph!

p.s.: does rambo still go on his expeditions, preethi?


Galadriel said...


Preethi said...

hehe.. as I was reading I was gonna say Rambo will shake that paw.. :P He does have a lion friend called Simba too :) Will post the picture's soon for Kyra to see!!

Thinking aloud said...

poor poor kyra...hopefully she makes friends with rambo and simba...?

buddy...tsk..tsk...gawd!!! dawgs!!!

:) :) :) this is for you, rayshma....for the smiles today

Thinking aloud said...

hey finally did your tag....u thght i forgot???? :)

Jaswandi said...



rayshma said...

jaswandi: :D

suma: hehee... LOVED it! :)
and yeah, those 3 are romping around... happily now! :)

preethi: thanks a ton, babes! :)

galadriel: ...t? kyra needed frenz. buddy refused. me :( @ buddy. now she has new frenz... ? mail me if u still hv doubts... hehehe! :P

La vida Loca said...

aww glad she found pals

Suruchi said...

hey! advika just got herself a tiger baby *from build-your/a-bear* and it meows(this was her decision)...she named her billu...Wats this?how does she have your genes??pray explain...ask vin howz it posssible...ashu is damn scared...LOL! and i am loving it:)...i am kyra and billu can be best of friends!!

MJS said...

Ok ok I apologize on buddy's behalf!! Enough of buddy bashing on this blog. Now my buddy has no friends :( he is sorry and says he didn't mean it. He was genuinely scared. But now he knows that kyra is a darling and wants to be her friend. He also believes that love affairs begin with heart aches!!!

rayshma said...

mrids: kyra ne buddy ko maaf kiya! :P
and no love shuv! tell him to behave, ok?
p.s.: are u explaining ur cult status by that st'ment?

suruchi: hehehe... waiting for billu to make his virtual appearnace! :) rest on mail... :D

loca: hehhehe... yeah.. so'm i!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

I thought Kyra will grow :(