Jun 15, 2007

must be love...

- he looks lost. so lost that his wife begins to think it's something to do with her.
- he obsesses over losing his hair. he wishes he had long, curly locks.
- he believes that moving your hands and legs about, *irrespective of where d music is headed* is dancing. and, dancing well, at that too.
- he loves his work a tad bit lesser than he loves his wife. just a tad! *that's wot she likes to believe. let her!*
- he doesn't talk while eating. *there go d "romantic" candle light dinners!*
- he hasn't heard of traveling light. *he carries almost half his wardrobe when he travels for two days*
- he can't pack his own bag.
- he still hasn't proposed formally to his wife.
- he'd be happiest on a ranch - complete with cattle, goats, chicken and horses! but is happy enough to adopt city life for fear his wife may go berserk!
- he gets bouts of "sing-a-holism" when he believes he's sonu nigam. or shaan, or himesh. or james blunt.
- he forgets the lyrics to almost every song he starts "singing". so he merges them with lyrics he remembers.
- he quotes the corniest dialogues EVER from hindi films. at any given opportunity.

tomorrow, it'll be a year we've been together. and i still want to be with him. for many more years to come. not despite all this. but maybe, because of this. and so much more.

must be love...!


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Wishing you both a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!

May you have many many more beautiful anniversary celebrations.

Cheers :-)

plush said...

heyy cool....congrats raysh...hav fun u two!

pravin said...

Aww, happy anniversary!

rayshma said...

thank y'all very verrie much!! :)

upsilamba said...

hai hai!!!
Happy anniversary!! Hope you both enjoyed the day to the fullest.

1st year huh -- makes me feel so old..:-)

Noodlehead said...

belated wishes for a happy anniversary!! hope you have tons more to come :)

rayshma said...

thank u thank u! yep... we had a fun weekend!
upsi - don't feel old... that's my forte! to feel and behave older! hehe

noodles! thank u! in hope we live..:)

Pixie said...

Belated Wishes for a very happy anniversary! :)
Hope you had tons of fun! :)
Wishing you many more such beautiful years, moments with your loved one!

Monsieur K said...

wishing you & V a belated happy 1st anniversary :)
hope you guys have many more anniversaries to come in the years ahead.