Jun 13, 2007

twin solution...

me: lissen... u know my fren J? he needs ur help.
v: i can't clone u.
me: no, not that! he wants to have twins.

v: ...!!!???... ME?? HOW?! WHAT exactly do u have in mind??

me: don't panic! he just wants to know how to have twins.

v: he needs to find a wife first. in order to have singular or multiple kids.
me: yeah, THAT he knows! but he wants to have multiple kids simultaneously.
v: he does know about the "birds & bees" story, rite? i can't tell him that. i'm just not comfortable!
me: no, silly. i think he'd know HOW to have kids. just tell him does he have to marry someone who has a twin sibling or any1 will do?
v: OH! that ways. no, he'll have to find a gurl who has twins in her family. so either if she has a twin sibling or her mother has a twin etc... it depends on the gurl's genes.
me: hmm... will let him know. it'll set the criteria for his wife-hunt! he'll only have to find a gurl who has a twin!
v: yeah, good! so, are you saying that he's going to focus on finding a gurl instead of chatting with you all day?
me: yeah, he shud.
v: awesome! tell him he shud get a pre-nup signed before marrying. it shud state that he MUST have twins. this way,
if he does not get twins from his wife, he can have a legit ground for having an affair! there, twin solution! i'm a genius, eh?!


upsilamba said...

LOL @ V.

rayshma is a marriage broker now, huh.

a strange friend J you have.

Noodlehead said...

hehehehe.....nice!! V seems like a fun guy to be around :) btw, i desparately wanted to have twins too. unfortunately, we don't have twins in our family!!

itchingtowrite said...

technically if both follicles r ruptured while attempting the birds & bee stuff (!), there r chances of twin gestation....a sacn may tell u if both r ruptured///

rayshma said...

hehe... no, not a marriage broker. am a medical consultant, courtesy V! :D
frenz address their arbit queries to him via me. *only arbit, mind u! he's a chicken doc!*
all my frenz are "strange", upsi... wot to do...! :)

i don't want twins. am paranoid abt not being able to handle one kid when i have it!! two wud be the "double trouble!" :))

WOW! okay.. shall pass on that info to J! :))