Jun 5, 2007

the full-moon theory

i've been fortunate (?) to have worked with the quirkiest of bosses! one such ex-boss, who we shall call RH, for privacy reasons *also,he might want royalty for mentioning his name - page 3 ppl after all!* told me abt the "full-moon theory" while we were returning from one of our meetings.

the meeting was in an office in a by-lane off bandra and after we sat in the car and started to drive away, a "pack" of dogs *abt 4* began barking and chasing the car. not an unknown phenomenon to most indians. dogs do tend to chase cars etc. but, a deadly combo of south bombay & US waters having diluted his desi sensibilities, RH didn't seem to know this. he appeared to be very startled by the canine behavior. and passingly sed to me : "must be a full moon"
was time for ME to be startled now. moon? full? where? it's early morng? and why are we discussing the lunar movements? so i tried to look non-plussed and asked ..."why?"
RH: *giving me a "u're an imbecile?" look* u don't know? they behave weird around the full moon.
me: *WHAT?* what?
RH: yeah. i had a prof in d US who told us of this theory.
me: what theory?
with a look that was unsure whether i was truly imbecile or i pretended to be, RH proceeded to explain to me. in a tone u'd use to explain to d mentally challenged.
RH: u know how the moon affects the tides, right? the lunar movements affect the water. when the moon gets fuller, the water rises. that is why there are high tides. and the reverse happens for low tides.
me: *been a very long time since i learnt this. but wotever!* what do dogs have to do with it?
RH: not just dogs. women also!
me: WHAT? haha... that's really funny! *i really thot he was kidding.*
RH: no, i'm serious! *this was sed with a sudden intensity that really, really scared me.*
there is extra water content in the bodies of animals and women, vis-a-vis men. the moon affects this water. around the full moon, the water content in the body rises, and it probably goes to the head... that's why you behave so weird around full moon times!
me: *ME? how do i come into the picture? weren't we discussing d dogs?*
RH: yeah. that's also how deer die on freeways. they don't know what they're doing, and they walk onto the freeway and freeze in front of cars, blinded by the headlights!

realizing that d look on my face is that of incredulous silence...

RH: u don't believe me? i swear! this prof was a Ph.D. *like THAT proves anything!*
me: and u were at a dope party or smthng?
RH: arre? no! i'm very serious. why don't u believe me...?

by this point, i HAD to end/change the conversation to stop myself from jumping out of the car into a cab! of course, later, we *the rest of the office not present in the car* had a blast with this theory! i still think of RH when i realize it's a full moon! some way to ensure recall, eh?


Monsieur K said...

hehehehe :D
he probably made it up, and blamed it on the PhD prof in order to get acceptance/approval!
also, thanks for your comment on my marathi blog. i wasnt aware tht you could read marathi. i write more often there, just to keep in touch with my mother tongue.

anyways, my best wishes to u & V on your first wedding anniverary - its s'time in june, rite?


Orchid said...

hahahha...but i something tells me there might be some truth to it, no??
:).....oh well i better warn Uj to be careful during full moon..can't tell what I might do :)

O.k so u know marathi?

rayshma said...

ketan - yes it is! on d 16th. thx so much :)
yeah, he was one of those kewl dude types! who come up with amusing theories and "believe" they're true! lol!
will kp chkng ur marathi blog as well! :)

orch: yep, am a pune gurl by birth!

u know, d theory cud be true. V's usly wary with me arnd full-moons! being a water sign, i tend to be more lunatic than d rest anyway! :D

Pixie said...

that was hilarious!! what a nutcase!
weird theory!

rayshma said...

yep pixie.. but he was fun to work with.. lol!