Jun 26, 2007

lost & found

i shall miss
- sleeping in late, staying up late'er'
- loitering around all day in t-shirts and shorts like a complete jhalla
- d cozy couch i so happily rest my behind on all day
- watching movies in the middle of the day
- shifting to a new apartment and cribbing about unpacking
- cribbing when the net doesn't work coz it's raining outside
- staring out the patio at the beautiful rainy days/evengs

i sure will miss V a lot. it's surprising how quickly u get so accustomed to having someone as an integral aspect of your life...but what the heck! we're just talking 10 weeks here. and i'm hoping this makes me truly appreciate what i have and realize that d grass only seems greener on the other side.

yes, i'm excited about the work at hand. yes, i do want to take a break from this break. yes, i think it's time for me to kick ass again! *that's a crucial part of my job description.* yes, i am looking forward to catching up with some old friends in dubai. as they say, u lose some, u find some. hopefully, it won't be too bad!


Fuzzylogic said...

Hiya Reysh!I just came back and great to hear about the job!!congrats and the job is in dubai?I'm still numb and confused with the jet lag so fill me in the details:)By the way belated anniversary wishes my friend!hope you had a great time on the special day.

Pixie said...

Hey!!! this is great news!!
Do fill us in on the details that you are allowed to give out!
10 weeks in Dubai sounds like fun (I'm sure hardwork is involved too!)

plush said...

:)..hey raysh...congrats..go get them n don't forget to rock on!

rayshma said...

heyy fuzz!
thx! :) yeah, the project's in dubai... tiz a 10 week thingie (approx) and i shall be back in cowboy land shortly!

pixie - hard work, yes! kicking client ass is always hard work ;)

plush - thx, babes! wl continue blogging, and so shud u! :)

upsilamba said...

Howdy gal!
Congrats on the offer!! Dubai beckons and you go have a rocking time.
If any mallu confronts while you are there, let me know :-)

MJS said...

The post sounds more like "gudbye" and I shall say "Welcome ma'am!!!"

rayshma said...

upsi... yes sisterr! i shall tell every mallu i come across that i know upsi di in dallas!
*wot d'u say for sisterr in mallu??*

mrids: not yet, my fren... not yet.
Dr. Mo has disappeared from my life yet again. as of now, i dunno d status!