Feb 28, 2007

stress busters

V's been slightly stressed these days. that set me thinking on what i used to do to bust stress or 'unwind' as i love saying. it aint a problem anymore. *living with V aint really stressful, u know!* but he does get stressed a lot *dunno what that sez abt me!* and this is what i thought of. in no specific order of priority.

a. a walk down the beach. even better, a day spent at a scarcely populated beach. the sea has a way of calming me down which i've neither been able to understand nor explain. but it sure as hell snaps me out of feeling blue!
b. a day spent at a good bookstore. i can read calvin & hobbes, any arbit feel-good book or my fave books *usually in the kids section*
c. hot cocoa. i really really get high when i'm feeling stressed & have hot cocoa. haven't been able to figure out why. i have, psyched out friends at times, tho!
d. a can of dark chocolate ice cream. preferably baskin robbins *now, ben & jerrys*. also, preferably with nougat swirls and chocolate covered almond chips!
e. good food. with lots and lots of cheese. maybe, a cheese sauce pasta?
f. a day in isolation. if nobody talks to me for a day, or asks me "what happened?" i tend to feel better a lot sooner. again, have no clue why.
g. a pedicure. hadn't realized that it helps me de-stress till i thought of it rite now! yeah, it does help me relax like nothing else!
h. hindi music. item numbers, fast, racy tracks. the peppier the song, the better. absolutely no depressing songs. and no ghazals. like them as i might, when i'm stressed, they just depress me!
i. a nice, long, warm shower. it's very very relaxing.
j. shopping. tho not much of a shopper, stress brings out the shop-a-holic in me. these buys are generally not used much later. coz they've been bought "on-the-rebound" as i call it! they're usually very arbit. but, they make me feel bright for even as long as week! sometimes, longer. depends on the post-purchase dissonance!

i guess that's it for now! nothing else's top-of-mind. and if it aint ToM, it may not be important. or maybe, it is. just that it's been so long since i've been stressed, that i can't seem to recollect!


Orchid said...

How about blogging?? :) for me it helps get away from the insanity for a little bit

rayshma said...

hmm... not sure abt that. for me, if i'm low or stressed, i can't really write anything. i become quite brain dead! :)

Fuzzylogic said...

I think I've just found my alter ego:)
Calvin & Hobbes,bookstores,beaches,Hot chocolate,hot cocoa yep all my stress busters right there!

rayshma said...

good to know that, fuzz! :))