Feb 23, 2007

marna mana hai

this is to all those frenz of mine, who keep saying "i'm gonna die" because of their work loads. or mood swings. or any other reason.
if u all think that d grass is greener on the other side and envy me for the same, there're some things u need to tell urself. again.
a. i am extremely lazy. u are not.
b. i LOVE reading, writing, watching movies *quality doesn't matter here*, doing nothing. so i'm happy. NONE of u *almost* like all these activities. if u stay at home, u'll drive yourself or ur hubby crazy.
c. V IS going crazy. just because he doesn't crib to you, doesn't mean he's fine. don't expect ur hubby to empathize when u refuse to go out of the house, but crib that u've been in all day! only i can pull that off. *smirks*
d. NONE of u need a VISA to work. i do. getting a job is a process which tires me more than the actual job or being at home. so, i prefer to while my time writing pieces like this and chatting away till u fall asleep. *which may not make sense to any1 but me!*

so, be happy! and most importantly, don't die/hibernate/disappear/any other synonym for the same. i have very few of u. if all of u get depressed simultaneously, it kind of crashes my defense mechanism. and it makes me feel depressed too. which, as V would vouch, is VERY dangerous for his health. and mine, too. can't u gurls take turns in feeling depressed? okay, no.. that's not a solution. that's just me being extremely selfish. *smirks again*

i don't care how depressed u are. or how over-worked. u're my friend. and u HAVE to snap out of it. i know u can. yes, i know u have super powers. that's the only way u have been able to manage me. *this is not true for S. she's a mom. and moms are superhuman, anywez!*
i am extremely selfish. and i want all of u to be there for me. happily. ALWAYS! like i am there for u. *ok, not actually there.. but there. u know what i mean!*

so c'mon snap out of it! u can't die on me! i'm too good for that.

p.s.: this is a part of my "write 150 words per day" resolution. i don't care whether this is 150, less or more. also, i have no reasons for having made this resolution 3 months late. i just felt like it today.


plush said...

hmm...hav u ever thot y sometimes we end up livin by actually tryin not to...i donno....but that seems to work for me almost always..
:)..u seem resolution seems to be working tho....

rayshma said...

hi plush,
i think u've nailed what i was trying to get thru... *WOW!*
i do wonder why it is that we live while trying not to? aint life s'posed to be "lived"... by living it!?

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

I really really hope you keep following this resolution for as many months as possible :)

>> i do wonder why it is that we live while trying not to? aint life s'posed to be "lived"... by living it!?

life has its own surges and ebbs. Imagine how boring it would be if you were doing the same thing over and over, including "living your life in your way" .. You sometimes end up going through the motions of life. Probably its that phase of life where you just relax from watever you were doing and just live life as it comes, till you are charged up again to take life where you want it to be ...

rayshma said...

well... resolutions are made to be broken, aren't they?! :0)
dunno how long i'll keep this one...

and even if u're taking life as it comes, u aren't really living by trying not to, right? anywez, i guess it's just one of the phases we all go thru at some point of time or the other...