Feb 22, 2007

of growing up...

two things reminded me of my bro today:
i. i read orchid's post on her bro.
ii. i just saw an approximately 5 year-old look out for his younger sister *who must be around 3* while they crossed the street in front of my house.

my bro & i are 5 years apart. while growing up, we've never shared. feelings, studying, clothes - not even dogs! *we had two dogs. one stayed in his room & one in mine!* he used to scare me with stories of how he'd turn me into an insect if i didn't do as he said! *i don't r'ber this, but dad tells me!* he thought i was a snob, and attributed this to me attending an all-girls' convent. we've never really "fought" like siblings do. but as we grew up, we kind of mellowed down, and started relating to each other.

in a lot of ways, we're opposites.

he's extremely extroverted. he's almost always the life of parties. i'm anti-social. he gets along with EVERY one. i wonder how!
he plays cricket & soccer & hockey. i don't go beyond word games.
he cud give any indian/american idol the run for his money. i couldn't sing to save my life!
he has the amazing amount of faith, patience and determination that could actually move boulders! *he waited 9 long years to actualize his dream of flying for an airline.* i have the attention span of a goldfish! i'd have given up on my dreams for a better, read, more convenient, option. and then patted myself on my back for being very smart & practical abt it! *i know i have issues!*
he was an obedient kid. i grew up with my parents wondering why i couldn't be as obedient as him *dunno if he knows this!*
he wasn't very good at acads. but i made up for it!
he can talk for hours on the phone! with anyone. i have nothing to say... and start fidgeting with everything around me in about 5 mins.

he's regular with phone calls home. it's been the bane of my existence for the past 7 years. *since i left home* and i'm still no better at it. he chatted with mom for hours on the phone, while i used to send a text message which read "al wl. gng out. wl rch l8. cl u 2mrw."
he sucks at abbreviations! *can't be all good, eh?* i rock! *i can't be all bad, eh!*
he takes HOURS to shop even for ONE pair of blue jeans. i get done with my shopping in 20 mins flat! *outfit & accessories!*

despite our differences, he's been an ideal elder bro. he used to drop me to school, then college. pick me up after exams, drop me to parties, TAKE me with him to parties later *when i was older, of course!* tried to teach me to ride his precious kinetic honda! *he scared me more than teaching me!* came out pubbing with my almost-lunatic frenz *AND got along with ALL of them!*, i can go on & on...

but what stands out most in my mind is that time when my folks had decided it was high time for me to get married! since i confessed i wasn't dating anyone, they were in d process of finding me a groom. that was one of the rare moments when he gave me the "elder bro" talk. told me that i didn't have to do anything i didn't want to do. that he'd be there, and stand up for me, if required. that i could take my time, and wait till i found someone i really wanted to marry. that he understood the pressures, but it was my life.
that one moment really really told me everything we've never said to each other. that we would always be there for each other.
that he loved me. that i could count on him. that he WAS & would be my elder bro. that he'd seen a lot more than i have, in life. and i could always learn from his experiences. no matter how smart i thought i was!

thanks bro, for being there. through time, distance, age and marital status!


Fuzzylogic said...

Aww..look what you have done?you made me go all mushy about my brother too:)Siblings have a way of completing your life,my brother and me we are from two different planets altogether,we have had our shares of ups and downs but as you say ultimately I love him and we both know we are going to be there for each other no matter what.I simply loved this post Rayshma!You summed it all up in one last beautiful sentence.
Now let me go wipe my nose and think bad stuff about my bro before I get sickly sweet on him:)

plush said...

:)...i guess rakshabandhan is approaching a little earlier for u ladies....no big bro over here...just me and a pest of a younger sis....yep..."we r family..."

rayshma said...

heyy fuzzy,
blame it on orchid! and those 2 li'l kids! lol!! :))maybe it's d distance, but i can't think of too many bad thigns abt my bro! wow! i better not tell him this..;)

plush - i did, at times, want an elder sis, so i cud sneak off her outfits and dress all cool! lol! that's one thing u can't do if u have a bro... for all else, i think it's almost the same!

Orchid said...

hello rayshma,
good job girl!! and btw your bro seems to be my kind of guy..too bad I am stuck with U and my son A :( but if I ever decide to walk out then I'll give you a holler...and y'know everything abt me thru my blog :)

rayshma said...

heyy orchid!
thx! and absolutely... DO give me a holler! :D) am sure u both wud get along purrfectly..;)
p.s.: i better warn bhabhi abt this new development, tho...;)