Feb 28, 2007

of one-way tickets...

a very close fren of mine's planning to come visit us. and i was/am s'posed to check flight deals for her. after a week of frantically searching online, i finally felt very proud of myself and mailed all the details to V for a final "look-thru". *since i normally suck at online bookings/detail hunting etc* this is our conversation when he got home that evening.

V: is she shifting to CS?
me: what? NO! why wud she do that?
V: why not? we aren't that bad, u know?
me: umm... no, but CS is! if she had to shift to the US, wudn't she shift to a better city?
V: yeah, that's there.
me: why're u asking vague questions?
V: umm.. coz u've only checked out one-way deals.
me: oh. i have. yeah. hehe... *going thru the mail...* yeah, actually, i have!
V: so i thought, since u've checked only one-way deals, maybe this was intentional. thought u gurls have planned out stuff and not told me abt it.
me: no. but how can i book a return? i don't know how many days she's got here, rite?
V: it's simple. thought of asking her?
me: *make a stoopid puppy face, that i've perfected with years of practise!* hehee... yeah! that didn't occur to me.
V: why is it that gurls can get away with all the stupidity on earth with just that silly puppy face?
me: because we're very cute. now do me a favor. check the return deals for her. net doesn't work too well at home these days.
V: it works well enough to download movies and listen to the radio!
me: that was only today, dummy!
V: k. i'll check. but i'll still need to know the duration of her stay. and it's not rude to ask!
me: yeah, that i know! i can ask her.
V: *with a look he has when he thinks he's had a brainwave* actually, let's just book a one-way. then, she won't be able to go back for quite some time. and u'll have company. and u both won't miss each other.
me: well, she's got a job, u know. and a family back home. who mite want her to go back.
V: oh well. i was just suggesting!
me: i shall pass on ur suggestion to her. if she agrees, make sure u're prepared for the madness.

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