Feb 2, 2007

date, anyone...?

i like to believe i'm good at remembering dates. umm... no, not the romantic ones. i don't wanna go there. i mean more like birthdays, anniversaries... u get the point. i'm so weird i even tend to remember car numbers & phone numbers.

but i never know when the "day" passes me by! i thoroughly embarrassed myself last year. i forgot my closest frenz b'day. it wudn't have been so bad, but the fact remains *she may not believe me, tho* that i KNEW her b'date. i still do. i just forgot on the 3rd that it was the 3rd that day!

this was made worse by the fact that we traveled together. so she picked me up in the morng. and enroute to work mentioned that her mom had called her arnd 12 the previous night. i wondered if something was wrong *wondered loudly, for that too!*. THAT is when she snapped out of her frozen expression and stated "BITCH! it's my b'day. she called to wish me!" was my turn to freeze expression, then. but i really don't know how to do that *she's done a PhD in that, i think!* i made a puppy face *which i'm good at* and went "uh... oh... WOW... huh?... really? it's the 3rd today?" i think THAT is how stupid i sounded! i still don't remember if i wished her! *told u, i am NOT a morning person!*

but seriously, WHY can i never remember what day it is?! and if i can't, then what's the point of remembering the exact dates? that makes me feel even more doofusy! i sound like those theoretically sound strategies. the ones which make u wonder "what moron came up with these?" if u try to implement them.
amazingly ideal, theoretically - awfully impractical, actually!

besides, the fact that i remember dates has convinced me of d futility of setting alarms/alerts to remind me. that kind of insults my intellect *yeah, let's not get there! i know i have a problem!* i keep telling myself that if i'm so good with all the arbit info, i MUST be good at doing something with that info as well. let's see. last year, i attributed this behavior to "stress". i was working, remember? so i had a LOT of stress to deal with. and anyone who's worked with me at hungama would be able to vouch for that! the place reeks of stress. even sitting in the reception area can cause stress! *OK, enuf!* this year, i cud say it's the stress of not having anything to do. it IS stressful, at times, to do nothing. eh? it takes a lot of expertise to be good at it.

hmm... maybe if i negotiated with my ego a bit, i'd just go along with setting reminders. think it would be better if i focussed all this energy on finding solutions *remembering the day* rather than finding excuses *of WHY i forgot the day*. but then again, it's so much more creative to just find d purrfect excuse! i think i'll stay with that...!

p.s.: SS, i know ur b'day's 2mrw. i have not forgotten. i will call u. no excuses!


Fuzzylogic said...

Lol,I am usually good with dates (ofcourse the numerical ones not the other one on which I am a total disaster)but ever since I am doing this stay-at-home stint for a year my brain I feel is not so sharp anymore.Honestly I beleive in that evolution theory,you don't use an organ of the body for long they turn vestigial.I blame it on that theory as an excuse:)I used to hate when my husband used to just feed up all the dates to that online diary reminders but now the situation is so bad I resort to that as a desperate measure:)I liked your excuses,you are creative!!
By the way you have dedicated one post for remembering SS's birthday ,I'm sure your friend will realize that this time around you really remembered her birthday!

rayshma said...

oh yes! i made her read d piece AND mailed n called her this time!
i know wot u mean by not feeling very sharp coz u stay at home... am on d same boat! :D) d blog's a way of keeping d brains alive...!

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Long since no see. Whats up ?

Orchid said...

Ha,haa! good one...I agree with Fuzzy ont he disuse atrophy part..it is a real thing..use it or lose it...anyway don't worry too much..your friend would understand I am sure..especially if she is close enough to call you a bitch :)

rayshma said...

heyy sarfraaz - yup. long time. was offline. caught up with movies n books!

hi orchid - good to see u here. yeah, she's one of my closest fren.. and she did understand! :) that's what frens are for, rite?! i need to be careful on d 'use-it-or-lose-it'! :D)