Feb 13, 2007

of love. and chocolates.

i don't normally celebrate valentine's day. the concept of a "day for expressing love" kind of puts me off. but even then, pestering hubby is one of my fave pastimes!

me: what're u getting me for valentine's day?
v: i thot we didn't believe in that "express ur love" type of commercial hallmark day?

me: we don't. but still.
v: a bunch of those heart-shaped balloons. a box of heart-shaped candy. red roses to go along with that. and maybe, a ring or pendant or something.
me: yikes! NO! why wud u get me any of that?!
v: that's what is a conventional valentine day gift. u already have the wine at home, or wud've added that to the list.
me: NO! i don't want any of that corny stuff!!
v: ok.
me: what okay?
v: u just sed u don't want any of the imaginary things i'd have got u.
me: i didn't say that. i just sed "be creative"

v: i'm a scientist. i'm not sposed to be creative.
me: hmm... yeah, that i know.
okay. candy will do. but make sure it's dark chocolate.
v: absolutely.
me: and don't send it to me anonymously. i won't be able to figure out who it's from.
v: why on earth wud i send it to u? i'll GIVE it to u. we live together, remember?
me: oh yeah. how boring. chuck it! don't get anything.
v: no. chocolates sounds good. dark chocolates. with hazelnut.
me: ok. also, make sure they are NOT heart-shaped.

v: what? WHY?? what's the point then? they're s'posed to be heart-shaped!
me: i hate heart-shapes.
v: we have to eat them. not love them!
me: but i have to love what i eat, rite? also, U can't eat my valentine's day gift! only I get to eat them.
v: wow! u're gonna gain weight.
me: UGH!!! NO! i won't! i have a good metabolism. i just need to MOVE in order to lose weight.
v: well, yeah. but u don't really move. rite?
me: moving from the couch to the kitchen also counts. i also go downstairs to check mail.
v: ok. touchy topic. i quit. but i'm still gonna eat some of the chocs i get for u. *after a 5 sec pause*
btw, do u actually want those chocolates?
me: now that we're talking of them. they do sound good!
v: ok. will get them for u. tomorrow. after all, love's in the air.
me: and it's red. and heart-shaped. make sure u don't catch any of it!


Fuzzylogic said...

"it's red. and heart-shaped. make sure u don't catch any of it" Lol!I loved that:)I don't celebrate any of this Valentine day mush,its pretty lame,I believe however that surprises and unexpected gifts do work wonders:)But hey chocolates are always welcome right?:)mm..dark chocolate with hazelnuts!Enjoy the day Rayshma!

plush said...

hehe....choclates...i wonder what they used to do before them...hmm.

rayshma said...

heyy fuzzy - of course! ANY excuse to get chocs, flowers or gifts! we also don't normally believe in valentine's day per se... but well, we did have a good time! :)

hi plush - i have NO clue abt d existence of a world in the absence of chocolates! am SO glad abt it...!

Orchid said...

Haha! and you woudl think V-day was all about love and arguing :), hope you had a good one!

rayshma said...

hi orchid,
yup... had a good day. surprisingly! we've decided to celebrate our own "valentine's day" once every 3 months from now on!