Feb 26, 2007

love, actually

once upon a time, far far away... a princess, K, left her castle and decided to live an ordinary life. as fate would have it, she fell in love with a prince, C. the king & queen, deciding that she was a "civilian" and not of their pedigree would have nothing of it, and asked C to stay away from her. but there would be no love stories if all princes were obedient. the prince continued to meet the princess, albeit discreetly, for almost 7 years. they then felt it was time to take their relationship to the next level. the prince once again told his parents his desire to marry the "girl" they so disliked.
the king & queen were infuriated. they gave the prince an ultimatum. he was to choose between them & their wealth or the 'girl-next-door'. the prince had already prepared himself for this. he chose his love. the king banished the prince from his kingdom and resolved never to see him again.

the prince & the princess started a new life. they braved the cruel world to form their own happy world within it. and they managed. time passed. C was now a self-made man. he had never asked his father for help nor had he gone back to the castle. he had forgotten he was a prince. and was happy in his world with K. in time, they had two wonderful children - a son and a daughter. and they devoted themselves to raising them. they were the ideal parents. their children never had to crave or yearn for anything. in fact, the children got everything they wanted even before they could ask for it.
time passed, the children grew up. they left the nest, and set up their own nests in the world.

so, did C & K live happily ever after? well, they've been living. happily. ever together. for the past 38 years. how do i know this? because they happen to be my parents. and i miss them most today, when i can't be with them to celebrate their years of togetherness.

i owe a lot to them. my existence, love, faith, actualization of wedding vows - being together as long as u live, caring for each other in sickness and health - the belief in fairy tale romances, the letting everyone think independently - let them take their own decision, yet being there for them while they faced the consequences - knowing that "different" isn't necessarily good or bad... a lot more than i can pen down.

in today's fickle world, where love is being absolved to another four-letter word - they're proof to me, that it isn't!


Fuzzylogic said...

I love the way you put the whole thing together,this was perhaps the exact thing that symbolizes what I had wanted to say through one of my earlier posts:)Happy anniversary to your wonderful parents Rayshma!Thanks for sharing this.

le taureau said...

Great post Rayshma. Very moving. I envy those ppl who were able to find someone to wake up with every morning for the rest of their lives. Not many are that lucky. I have a few a ppl in my life who stand out themselves and I couldn't be more happy for them.

Its true what you said. Guess its hard for mortals to appreciate the weight of the word, unless they are in its presence.

rayshma said...

thx fuzzy. i'm glad u liked it :)

taureau - someday, u'll find someone u wish to wake up with every morng too... gosh! i sound like a hallmark card on val day! lol!
m glad u liked d post :)

Orchid said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents. Vow! that must be some love if they could brave all and stick together given their times. It must've been growing up under all that love ? Thanks for sharing..enjoyed reading it :)

rayshma said...

thx orchid! yeah, it's been amazing growing up... i guess neither of their kids were that enterprising! we've both had arranged marriages!!!
m glad u enjoyed it...:)