Sep 3, 2009

summer? really...?

so... we've settled in.
a little.

lots of boxes that still need to be unpacked.
that's ok.
it IS feeling a bit like home already. even with the boxes.

and of course, the wise galadriel... who is obsessive compulsive about cleaning visits me this weekend. *wheeee!!!!* i think i shall make use of her OCD and let HER unpack the rest for me. as a house-warming gift? and hopefully, she'll make us sambhar this time.

anywhoo... the story so far... for those of you who don't know and would
like to know *you would, wouldn't you?* is that we've shifted to a little hamlet in NY from a little bigger hamlet in texas. and summers - the way i knew them - have now ceased to exist. from a 100+, we're now living in temps that barely touch the 50s in summer. and i'm loving it!
the ppl are lovely, our apartment's really nice... and the place is gorgeous. and since words really don't do justice to it,
i shall leave you guys with a few pics. all clicked near the new house.

the lake... vin's work-place is on the banks of this one...

one of the many mountains along the way...

one of my personal fave pics... :D
so.. that's that... shall see you guys soon. and get back to regular programming real soon.

p.s.: you may want to click on pics to see them without my background messing them up.


DewdropDream said...

That lake looks a bit empty. I have exactly what it needs though. And that will be my housewarming gift to you :D Here you go: The lake now has a monster to rival Loch-Ness ... mza karo :D

Oh and please sing 'chhota sa ghar hai yeh magar tum isko pasand kar lo' at some point okay?

And give G her 'royal' gift when she comes over!!!!

rayshma said...

dude... what royal gift???
you think i've saved cookies for her?!
i no have gift for her! my lauve is the only gift she'll get! and unpacking my boxes.

DewdropDream said...

Tumhe memory problem hai? Who's going to give her what you bought for her in London?!

PURN!MA said...

waaaw...when can we(I) come? :P

Titaxy said...

wow...the place looks awesome!! enjoy your new home, dear!

Galadriel said...

dude.. i thought she got me boots from texas. but i have the besht gift i can ask for! vin singing 'main toh aarti utaru re...' when i come back from my wedding. for this reason only i want to get married early!!! :D :D

rayshma said...

G: ALL you're getting is a one li'l giftie i'd got for you from london. no paneer also. i can't find what i need to make it! :D
the 'vin singing' part... u'll get. but i FORBID you to make a video and post it ANYWHERE where ppl other than you, me and ur other half will see it. :D

titaxy: thanks! :)

purnima: tu bag madhye basun yenaar hoti na? kaay jhala tyaacha?! kadhi hi ye.. u're always welcome! :)

dewey: i'm old. i forget. in fact, i've forgotten to send it to her all this while! :D

Galadriel said...

no paneer, no sambhar. :D

rayshma said...

no sambhar, no ride back home.
yahan weekend par rental bhi nahi milega! :P

DotThoughts said...

gorgeous pics.. i should really come for a vacay now :)

Galadriel said...

no, ride, no coming. then you'll be stuck with SEV for the weekend. :D

Prashanti said...

the pics loook lovely !!!!!!

I am soooo JJJJ :( Ghar ka photu kb dikhaogi ??

La vida Loca said...


DewdropDream said...


Catty you cannot, simply CANNOT leave me out of the loop okay? I will sulk and do katti for the longest time if you don't let G share that video with me! Btw yeh idea kidhar see aaya of Vin singing 'main toh aarti utaaru re'? :D

G: She did buy boots, lekin Londonwa mein, they're very nice... if you have feet the same size as ours then borrow them :D

celestialrays said...

nice pics!
congrats on your new home :)

rayshma said...

celestialrays: thanks, gurl! :)

dewey: idea vin ka hai. mera nahi. G wanted him to do aarti.. he said "will i have to sing that santoshi maata song?".

arre lemme clarify the boots confusion. u rber that boot i gave you? i'd given one to that bitch also when she'd come over last year. and i bought one for me when we left... so now all 3 of us have one! mele mein bichad gaye... toh we could use that. i was telling G this... and the woman thought i'm buying her boots. grr..! and no, her foot size isn't the same as ours!

loca: :D

prashanti: mail karti hoon... boxes unpack ho jaaye.. phir! :D

G: rather, HE would be stuck with us. i think he'll run off into the forest! :D

dottie: you really should. just let me know when! :D

DewdropDream said...

Yeah just picture that, the three of us in a Mela, each clutching a coin-bank Texan Boot ...


Vin SHOULD sing and do aarti.

Amey said...

Ooh, we have a lake :D And a foggy mountain. That's how horror stories start, right? :D

Anonymous said...

those mountain pics are near your house? thats what I call a good move...when are we seeing pics of the house?

gaelikaa said...

Wow, I'm really glad I came. This blog is quite an experience!

Miss M said...

Wow. Your place is near such gorgeous mountains and lakes? Beautiful!

Minal said...

why havnt you been online? We planning a vacation - yesterday shopped itsy-bitsy pieces for it. Was modelling for Doggie but he was sulking since I did not get him any (clothes- not itsy bits-ies) I told him , that I do not need him as would mail Katty the pictures for feedback. He was very worried for Vin.

rayshma said...

minal: no pics received. we had long weekend, no? galadriel and satish were here... so we were out most of the time... photos bhejo.. where you guys going?

M: it's absolute paradise! :D

gaelikaa: thanks. and welcome :)

LOTS: no pics of house on blog. will mail them to ya... and yes, it is indeed, a good move :)

amey: we also have dewey planning a visit. THAT is how horror stories start ;)

dewey: we need to have a theme song also. which we can sing. and complete the verses and all.
vin will not do aarti for you. unless you relocate and get married. :P

roop said...

aaaah u traitor!!!!!! u left us !!! no wonder it's been so cold this year in Houston. :D

love your new place!!! may god give you loads of happiness and success there. :)