Aug 28, 2009

happy happy late late

and i've missed the third b'day for my blog. was on aug 21.

it seems that my personal non-belief in celebrating b'days has translated into reality here. but this space has given me a lot. so this is the least i can do for it. so, happy b'day dear blog. i love you.

and it would probably not mean as much if it weren't for you guys who stop by regularly and comment and/or read. thank you. VERY much. for being there. through good times and bad. coz that's what friends do. real, virtual or both.

here's to new beginnings... cheerz!

p.s.: more on new home later - once i have my own internet connection.


Titaxy said...

happy bday...wishing you many more years here. :-)

Prashanti :) said...

Yay !!! happy bday bloggie blog :)

hows the new home ??? pics ke saath post chahiye !!!

Miss M said...

Happy birthday 'Qui vivra verra'! :)

Anish said...

I dont believe this! Am i the first to leave a comment? Where is the gang?

Blog birthday, nice thought.

Very many wishes.

Galadriel said...

chor chor chor!!!

heppee burrthday!!

rayshma said...

G: tum kise chor keh rahi ho? be nice to ppl who comment here! :D

anish: moderation mein der ho gayi. sowwie!
waise, nobody knows i'm blogging yet na...? :)
thenks.. for wishing my blog. :)

M: thenks thenks.

prashanti: new home's louvely. pics and post soon.. soon as i get internet, that is! :D

titaxy: thank you! :)

DotThoughts said...

happy bloggie budday! move all ok?

Pixie said...

Happy blog Birthday dear! :)

Wish you many more such blog birthdays!! :) :)

La vida Loca said...

Happy blog bday!!

Prats said...

Happy belated birthday blog!!
Have a nice worded year ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Hear hear! Happy burday blog!


Trishna said...

Cheerzzzzzzzz...happy happy Rayshma's blog..:)

DewdropDream said...

*Echoes G*: CHOR CHOR CHOR!!!! :D

Catty I am so telling Vin :D

Itna natak kiya aur mere jaane ke baad post kiya? grrr!

Heppy Budday to bloggie, i lauves it

PURN!MA said...

yeppy budday, rayshma's bloggie! What gippht did rayshma ben give you??

asach lihit raha. :)

Laav you loads!

Pavi!!!! said...

Happppppppy B'day to "Qui Vivra Verra"..n lets raise a toast to more blogging!

rayshma said...

purnima: i gave it the gippht of remembering and fight maaroing to write! :D
tu asach comment maarat raha... me kasa nahi lihinar?! MUAH!!!

dewey: u toh are only a bleddy traitor. go tell. let's see what either of you do! :P

trish: thx gurl!! how's you been?

alice: thenks... tumhari packing start ho gayi..? hehee...! :D

prats: thanks a ton! :)

loca: thx gurl!

pix: thank you! :)

dottie: yeah... as okay as moves go. but as they say, all's well that ends well. and this one seems to have ended beautifully! will send pics soon! :)

rayshma said...

pavi: thanks.. and cheerz!!
let's meet soon to raise a toast in person! :)

DewdropDream said...

G bole toh theek main bolun toh chugal khor?! GHOR anyay hai yeh!!! :P

Ab toh batake koi faida nahi hai.. chhodo. Just as long as I don't have to shred your shower curtain I will not mind. :|

rayshma said...

WHERE did G say she will tell vin, eh?
ek tum hi ho chugal khor! we have new lodging option for you... we'll keep u in that original cottage. udhar jo shred karna hai karo!

DewdropDream said...

:D Udhar bhooth hai? Usko gaana aata hai? Friendly hai? :D

rayshma said...

ho bhi sakta hai. lekin, in all probability, TB patient ka bhooth hoga... french mein bhi gaa sakta hai... u never know!
tum kaunsa gaana gaogi?

DewdropDream said...

Chee! Nahi jaana phir. I am NOT MD to pull off 'ahhu ahhu' ... not to be confused with 'ahun ahun'.

rayshma said...

can a bhooth transmit diseases?
that could be a new topic for RGV to make another agyaat movie.

TheKing said...

So blog ke teesre janamdin per aap kaise mehsoos kar rehi hai Ms Rayshma?
Aur blog ke teesre janamdin per hardik shubh-kamanaye!!

DewdropDream said...

I think we should have RGV put away before he can even think of making another movie... danger to humanity he is.

plush said...

yeah..u r back...wishing ur blog many more colorful ,postful years!