Sep 25, 2009

the bosses so far...

dewey blogged abt her boss making me remember the gems of bosses i've had. till i ended up unemployed. again. of course.

my first boss - a boss i seldom speak abt - was one of the most random, most eccentric bosses anyone could ever have had. but fortunately, for me, i didn't have to deal with him much... i left that job in abt 3 months... and i don't even mention it on my resume, considering it doesn't really count as work experience. all i did there was manage paperwork. but yes, i did learn how to handle eccentricity.
sure as hell helped me along the way. also, that one job ensured i left advertising for good.

i joined c2w... where they seemed to empathize with my wanting to leave the prev job. the place seemed nice.. and talking of bosses, this one was a classic. in fact, i still believe he makes a fantastic boss. he grooms you fabulously *i owe my stinker-writing endorsed-by-vibs talent to him*, manages to get the best out of you... and is so hands-on that it merely inspires you to do your best. and the most important thing i learned was that no matter how big you are... you always have time to revert to all the personal/client mails you get. i still attribute my being down to earth *or whatever of it is still untainted* to that one boss.

next was the celeb boss. his quirks i've blogged about before in a few posts... absolute one of a kind! most important learning from him? that only substance is zilch in marketing. you HAVE to have the right attitude. not too much, not too little. JUST right.

then, of course, was the classic hungama. they say that fire is the test of gold... hungama proved to be that fire for me. i grew tremendously... professionally and personally. "the boss" had some qualities that i believe no other boss would have. he's thrown me into the ocean with a mere safety jacket... and watched me struggle... being there ONLY when i've almost drowned. IF i've drowned! :D
we've had our share of tiffs and disagreements. but end of the day, he knew how to create, develop and grow a business. he had this amazing knack of knowing what a "resource" is good at and getting the most out of that one resource. i don't think i could have learned "that" from anyone else.
add to that his quirks.. the fact that he never sleeps, the fact that he doesn't believe in communicating with you unless u're dying... his ability of saying the most hilarious thing in the most matter-of-fact way.. and that thing stops being hilarious... and actually comes up as a feasible solution to the issue.. and leaves you thinking "i'm so stupid to not have thought of that!?"
but there's one little fact that i would always remember him for. he has gone out of his way to help me. and i hope i don't ever forget that.

and like most good things in life... the value of these bosses i realized AFTER i had left the organizations... as they say in hindi... der aaye durust aaye... one thing's for sure... if i ever get back to work... these bosses are going to be a horribly tough act to follow...


DewdropDream said...

:) Time was when new employees/subordinates would be quaking thinking about the able assistants whose shoes they would have to fill. Now, new bosses have to think how they can be as good as the old ones!

Anonymous said...

all senti/serious post huh?

DotThoughts said...

you have been so lucky with your last boss!!!

Galadriel said...

your bosses are only as good as you are. if you're a crappy employee, then even the world's kindest boss will do you no good. :)

Pixie said...


I've had my share of bad bosses along the way too!!
My current boss though is a nice guy! :)

Pavi!!!! said...

Itz amazing that only the **good** things about ur bosses come to your mind. As lucky as you might feel to have had such bosses, I figure they were lucky to have you working for them as well!

N I like the lesson ur C2w boss taught u…the one about always having (making?) time to respond to communication(mails) from people. I hope I remember that ALWAYS!

Amey said...

My first boss was pretty good, except he made us redo the entire application twice before he was satisfied. My current boss (yes, 2 only jobs and 2 bosses till now) is also nice, and not too bossy.

Anonymous said...

A tag about bosses and I am NOT aware of it..
Now This I have to do -my own post on bosses.remember I have 4 companies to bitch about :-)

rayshma said...

LOTS: looking fwd to your piece! :D

amey: my boss used to say that if an employee speaks highly of their boss WHILE on the job, the boss isn't doing his/her job right! :D :D

pavi: while i was working with them, there were things i found negative... but in retrospect.. i realize that those things are imperative. i guess ppl who reported to me also would have found those (at least some!) negatives in me...

pix: i've had strange bosses. not bad, though! :D

galadriel: aww... i love you too! :D

dottie: hahaa... a lot of ppl think otherwise.. but yes, i have been lucky.

alice: haan yaar, some change! :D

dewey: of course, bosses have bigger and better shoes to fill, no? :)

Amey said...

Shh... don't tell my boss that. We are quite happy in current situation ;)

UTP said...

I dont think I will ever find the guts to speak about my bosses openly in public with my name :))

BRAVERY on your part!!!