Sep 9, 2009

blog-pal? naah!

i know a post is due on galadriel's visit... but try as i may, i cannot write anything about it. for some strange reason... it feels a li'l too personal to post it here... on the blog.. publicly. more like when your best pal visits... and you have a fantastic time.. but you don't blog it.

it's surprising how within a year... she's gone from acquaintance/blog-pal to really really close friend. when you don't even realize that you're sitting while she does the dishes in ur house. one whom you can tell to cook while you get dressed.
one you can nag to make chai in the morning, even for the man you married. in fact, HE nags her to make tea. THAT is when you realize how close a friend she really is.

of course, it was really nice to have SEV there, too.
and now... finally... i can say that she's in good hands. whatever little niggling doubts i may have ever had *because i hadn't really met him* are now put to rest. good choice, gurl.

the weekend flew by. with lots of chatter, lots of food... and lots of laughter. and before i could realize it, we were saying our goodbyes... vin did attempt saying bye to me too at the airport... but G refused to
take me with her. i think everyone's had enough of me. *THIS is where you extend sympathies and say.. "no, no.. we've NOT had enough of you"*

the highlight of the ENTIRE weekend... despite the gorgeous lakes and mountains and company... was definitely the baby bear, that scampered away into someone's backyard coz we scared it with our big red car. our hands were full with food and our mouths open in amazement. so, no. no pictures of baby bear. you HAVE to take our word for it.

as for G and satish visiting us... this pic is proof...
now off i go... looking forward to mom's visit. cleaning up my house. unpacking. yeah, ma reaches here this sunday. whee!


Galadriel said...

yay, first!

Galadriel said...

and now, for the actual comment:
i do plan to blog about this as well, but before anything else, i wish to tell you how absolutely fabulous my weekend was (could it have been anything else?). the adirondacks were just an added perk to the fact that i spent 3 whole days with you. here's looking forward to many more such weekends with you and vin. muah!

Prashanti :) said...

Cool !!!!! So, you all had a nice time and I am sooo J of your mom visiting !!!
Here's to a lot of long chats, yummy food and awesome company !!!

Titaxy said...

wow...glad to know you guys enjoyed sooo much :-)

and hey, no snap of baby bear? really? :-( wants to see ;-)

Lavs said...

Both you and G are really lucky...I for one cannot make friends these days as I have shut out myself...but to meet somebody on internet, hit off and become close is something which i envy a lot...I see it happening all around me..someday i will have the courage to open my heart for some love....Here's a toast to you and G and for everlasting friendship.

SEV said...

To reiterate, was an awesome weekend indeed :) And it was fun to nag you for pancakes and scrambled eggs too :D

You had doubts about me? I know Photoshop and I have plenty of photos of you now. Just so you know :P

La vida Loca said...

sounds so good!

Anonymous said...

oh wow!! :)

It sounds like so much fun! :) :)

Mom's visiting? wow again! :D

The best part is, I'm able to comment!!yayie! :D


Keshi said...

hey Raysh I hope all is well with ya. Just saying Hi to my lovelies in Blogville :)


Anonymous said...

Heehee.. I may not be good at nagging ppl about packing, but I can sure make them write! ;)


Pavi!!!! said...

Touchwood..for the friendship that is blooming!
Touchwood..that G’s man is “approved” by YOU!
Touchwood..that ur enjoying the new place and its beauty!
Touchwood..that u have much to look forward to!

N I know wat u mean by how some visits are personal and not entirely blogable! :)

rayshma said...

pavi: touchwood, indeed... :0)

alice: yep! this is the 2nd time u've successfully nagged me into blogging... :)

keshi: heyy!!! good to see you here.. hope all's fine and u're living it up as always...:) u're missed in blogville, gurl.

pixie: able to meaning? u weren't commenting coz u were tied-up, right? or was my blog giving some kinda random error...? it does that sometimes... just drop me a mail if it bothers you! :D

loca: how's life, gurl..? u've been rather missing vis-a-vis ur blog, haven't u?

sev: now... AFTER i say i approve.. you threaten me? you "could" put the photoshop to good use and make me look pretty and all, though. no?

lavs: thanks gurl! i also hadn't ever thought of finding lasting friends virtually. but touchwood. :)

titaxy: we DID consider turning back and following him with our cams... but well... G was already in danger of missing her flight.

prashanti: and hopefully, i'll manage to blog frequently too... :)

G: MUAH! i do wish you can come down (or is it up?) more regularly! and i hope we didn't make you do too much work! :D next time, i promise, i shall cook! :D

Galadriel said...

i think i'll just settle for 'come over' because we are geographically challenged., :P

Trish said...

Awww sweet..Seems like you guys really had a nice chilled time..:)