Sep 11, 2009

this & that...

from now on, G will be referred to as "kind" galadriel... after a dear friend of mine who saw our recent pics on my FB commented that she looks the "kindest" of the lot.
it's been 3 weeks for me in the new house... and i still am trying to get accustomed to the fact that if i step/look outta my house - it's gorgeous all around! looking at the hills and lakes still makes me smile in child-like wonder. i'm hoping it stays this way for a while at least.
we're off for the weekend... i may be off blog for a little while; at least till ma's settled in... those of you who miss me, pls do mail me. i promise to mail back. and when i get back here, i hope to see at least a few of you regulars around... other than dewey and the kind galadriel, of course :D

amongst other things... my beloved himesh is back! :P the first time i heard this song was when SEV merrily played it for us... and the comic quotient just increases as the days go by. if you need a smirk/laugh.. please do view.

have a good weekend y'all!


Galadriel said...

which fb photu?

DewdropDream said...

Did anybody tell him that he is not playing the same role as he was in his first movie? He looks SO disinterested in all the girls around him ... arre faltu mein producer ke paise in models ko pay karne mein gaya na! Main hoti toh maadels ko leti hi nahi! :D

'Kind Galadriel' sounds just right actually! :D

I had to crane my neck and stick my ears to my laptop speakers to hear the song and therefore I could either see the video or hear the song ... you may safely guess I only gave half attention in both cases hee hee.

Come back soon and do a quintessentially Catty post, and please also do a guest post for me when you can. PLISSSSS!!!!

Pixie said...

Ahem! How come Dewey and G get mentioned and I don't?!!

So not fair!!!! :P

But, do come back soon, for you will be missed (duh!) and hope you have a great time with your mom as well! :)

PURN!MA said...

ayei! you keep running off somewhere or the oder, man! do you know how J I feel. after all, me keeps rotting in office and dropping comments on ur blog!!
siigh**..well wherever u r gonna disappear, stay well, enjoy well and don't trouble the animals! :PP

Anonymous said...

Oh so your mom's arrived already? And you are whisking her round on a tour of the country? :D

I will mail. I think. Esp. if i don't see you commenting on my space :P


Amey said...

You are getting a lot of guests these days. So when's the horror show (refer your comment 2 posts back) starting? Heard she is brining her own Nessy?

DewdropDream said...

@ Pixie: Arre only because we three keep popping in and out and spamming each other's spaces exactly as if they were second homes to us :D The rest of you are too well behaved :D Actual even Kind Galadriel is well-behaved, I am the wild tornado :P

rayshma said...

amey: she keeps giving kalti.. but tentatively, sometime next year, me thinks. of course, we can't have my mom here while receiving guests who bring along monsters. or vice-versa! :D

alice: yep.. she got here yday... not gone anywhere yet... but lots to catch up on! :D

purnima: i never trouble animals... humans are a diff category ;)
i'm here only re... just won't be online much... and u're not lucky enough to not get updates! :)

pix: you have NO idea of the amount of nagging i'll go thru if those two are not mentioned! i don't even mention vin as much... but yes... i will try and drop by urs as often as i can :)

dewey: maadels are for general populace who like seeing skimpily clad gals. himess bhai is over and above that... as i'd explained to u! :D
and u're no tornado.. u're an aspirational tornado... :D

G: doesn't matter which friend? all photos waise...

Pavi!!!! said...

Oh oh.. busy times ahead haan? But I guess..its all “GOOD” busy, great..have fun..n we’ll keep in touch offline 

N rgdg the beauty of the place…I know I’ve said it a zillion times..but I’ll say it again.. wait for fall to set in…n u’ll be left speechless!..we’re just a few weeks away!

DewdropDream said...

HAWWWWW!!! I'm still here you know, and I can read!!!!

Amey: Tum kya popcorn leke aane waale ho? Show ka timing bhi pooch lena phir :P

Catty: General populace is stupid, ismein kya naya hai? Himess could be a bigger rockstar if he refused to do these silly antics ... pity I cannot convince him :D And hello?! I am an aspiring phataka, but I most certainly am a tornado! Okay, maybe a mini tornado lekin huu yaar!!!

Amey said...

@Rayshma: True. Parents and monsters don't go that well together.

And I am sure Himmessbhai (please to correct number of Ms and Ss) needs either maadels or his cap. He made his choice ;)

@DDD: Popcorns to see a tornado? Not sure that would be a good idea.

DewdropDream said...

Amey: Make up your mind. What am I? Horror show, monster or tornado?

rayshma said...

amey: with "stars" like HR... the count of Ms and Ss doesn't matter! :D

dewey: the general populace... whom u/we refer to as stupid... is where the monies & popularity come from.

pavi: yeah.. waiting for fall... will buzz u over the weekend... :)

Amey said...

@DDD: Monster is the one you will be getting for Rayshma. Horror show is from last post, tornado from this one. Koi shak?

@Rayshma: Meanwhile, the Queen's English regrets ever having landed on Indian shores ;)

rayshma said...

hahaa.. numerology, my friend, numerology! ;)

Ankur said...

हिमेस ... thats wat we call him!! :D
and i loved his songs not a fan of his acting though!!

have fun with ma... be loved!! :)


DewdropDream said...

So now I am like Piggy Chops, playing a zillion roles all at once? :D

Amey said...

@Rayshma: Somehow, I always expect "Numerology" to contain a bit more Rs and Ms ;)

@DDD: Yup, and icing on cake - you get to marry Harman Baweja at the end ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

ahahahahha ! just saw the video!so hilarious i say! wat all u make ppl associated with u see :D

DewdropDream said...


I said 'like' Piggy Chops, not PC herself! I will pick my icing, thank you :P

And I do that by declaring myself as the chosen one to act the part of a Metamorphmagus in our HP production. I can't act, but who can? :P

MJS said...

when u back?

rayshma said...

MJ: i'm around... just not very regular with blogging or being online. wassup?

dewey: advtgs of producing movies, no? you can play whatever you wish!

pavi: good laugh guaranteed.. other than that.. yeah, i do make ppl i like watch absolute nonsense! :D :D

amey: i LOVE dewey's icing option! that should be scary enough to keep her away from such self-comparisons! :D
and yeah, numerology, abbreviation... those words leave me confused.

rayshma said...

ankur: yeah... having fun.. just not getting enough time to blog... :) how've you been?!
and yeah... i like some of himesh's music. genuinely.

Suma said...

eesh...missed so many posts!

your new place looks so beautiful, that i don't notice you guys at all...except perhaps the one with the shoes near rhe water..that i remember...

*hurries back to fb to jog her memory