Jun 20, 2008

know me, do u?

k3 tagged me to list down 6 quirks. now i've done this here... but for someone who's quirk faktor is like this, it shouldn't be difficult to do it again, eh?

1. i have to have long showers. like a minimum of 30 minutes or so. otherwise, i don't feel clean.
2. i can survive - happily & healthily - on a pure non-veg diet. i have lived for almost 2 years on a chicken diet. *with eggs, rotis, rice, milk & bread, but primarily chicken* after that, i realized i hadn't eaten any vegetarian food and decided to eat some.
3. i have to check my mails first thing in the morning. even before i brush my teeth. on all weekdays.
4. if something - a thought, concept... anything - gets fixated in my head; i'm extremely restless till it's actualized. this doesn't necessarily mean that i proactively try to actualize it. but i don't rest till it's done.
5. i HAVE to use conditioner after every shampoo. even if the shampoo used is a shampoo plus conditioner. no, it doesn't help. my hair still looks the same.
6. i don't like too much sunlight. i can't see if it's too bright and i'm not wearing sunglasses. i avoid going out into the sun as much as i can.
7. i adapt rather easily. i'm not addicted, per se, to anything. i can live without any & everything. no matter how much i love that p'lar thing. and i can also be happy without it.

oh.. okay... that made it 7. so be it! anyone who wants to do it is free to pick it up.


K 3 said...

Nicely done!!

"... no matter how much i love that p'lar thing. and i can also be happy without it." -- Thats too much Gyaan man!! Come back, where's the Ray we know! :)

Totally agree with 3 - and I get pissed if I dont have a mail from friend or family that day! :)

La vida Loca said...

i can live w/o non veg..see see we are same same but different :P

P said...

Hey, you seem to be almost my twin when it comes to quirkiness :)

Galadriel said...

what's the point of obsessing over something that you aren't gonna do anything about? hmph.

DotThoughts said...

@1: I really want to know what you do all day :)

Prats said...

Looks like it is raining quirky weirdos around here...I just finished listing out mine :D

Do u seriously stay for so long in the bath...wow! I get bored after a few minutes...so its a scrub, clean, routine...but express fast.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hm..Thats nice knowing more of you..From the looks of it you seem to get on with things with no particular attachment..Thats nice isnt it

Anonymous said...

and why am i not not tagged in these tags??????

Friendly Stranger said...

Good to know more about ya!
You can use 7th point to change the habit of having shower for 30 mins and using conditioner after shampooing! LOL
Happy blogging!

rayshma said...

FS: yeah, but the thing is... till the time i don't feel the "need" to live without something, i'm super possessive too. :D

lost: tiz an open tag, sweetie... tag thyself! :) am adding u to my reader, since blog-roll's disappeared!

comps: dunno... i kind of thought it's not too nice... that maybe despite being possessive and stuff, i don't really really care...

prats: lol! no, no... i've always loved water! so yes, i absolutely love long baths! :)

dottie: it's top-secret! ;) but since it's u, ask me on chat/mail and i may tell ya! :D

galadriel: READ what i write! i DO get it done. ultimately. :P

p: hehe... oh boy! and ppl call me weird! :D

loca: absolutely! and that's the beauty, aint it?! :)

k3: family has stopped mailing me. :( frenz... i have u guys... who still mail me. so yeah.. me happy! :)

Pinku said...

nice list....I love long baths too but the trouble is after about five minutes my mind starts ticking away on things to be done...hubby to be instructed...office to be reached in time.. etc etc...so i rush out only to regret it later.

Solitaire said...

How do you survive in Texas where there is so much sunlight?