Jun 25, 2008

which character is it, anyway?

my fave literary characters. tag is flicked from dottie. has been twisted to include comics under literature. but honestly, i LOVE comics!

a. cheshire cat. from alice in wonderland. the words of wisdom. the smile that stays on. holistic gyaan at its best. and most simplified. my all time fave character.

b. nina. from preethi nair's beyond indigo. if someone ever made me a protagonist in a book, i'd like to be like nina. who knows her mind. but is confused at the same time. someone who's not scared to defy norms to get what she knows she wants. what i like most about nina...? she's real.

c. batman. LOVED him since i was a child. my fave superhero
. the only human superhero, in fact. no superpowers. just human-created gadgets that help him fight evil. and oh, what gadgets!

d. veronika. from veronika decides to die by paulo coelho. It tells the story of 24 year old Veronika, who appears to have everything in life going for her, but who decides to kill herself. it's base around the subject of madness - or what we perceive as 'madness'. around the theme that collective madness is sanity.

e. gandalf. LOTR. THE wizard. amazes me. i'm in total awe of him.

f. howard roark. of ayn rand's the fountainhead. theoretically perfect. someone i'd idolized at some point of time in life. realized that i'd have to be an entirely different me to be like him. didn't think was worth it to change myself that much. but the admiration didn't wane.

g. the little prince. simplifies the most complex, most profound gyaan. and lends his own unique perspective to everything i see.

h. Mo, the pig. from Animals, Inc. The pig who manages to run an entire farm. a great lesson in business. of how it only takes the right leader to have a successful business. simplified. so that even an actual pig may understand it.

i. jean grey. from marvel's X-Men. have always wanted to BE her. :(

okk... i list only 9. coz i like the number! i tag galadriel, suruchi, loca, pix & the newly found "lost on the street" to do this tag. lost's tagged coz last time she asked me why she wasn't tagged. gurl - piece of advice - don't do that. ask galadriel. she still regrets. :)
anyone else who wants to pick up the tag - plz do so.


Anonymous said...

so basically i have to list 10 of my fav literary characters?

La vida Loca said...

oh goody..same q as lost on street?

rayshma said...

yes, ladies!
loca - how many tags have u done & now u ask me this question! eh?!

Galadriel said...

holy moly. me no read much to be listing char..err..can't no spell neither..

btw, you like gandalf? and you left out the lady of lorien? booyah!

Solitaire said...

Goodness! I cannot even attempt to do this one. I am totally lost even in this list!

Mystic Margarita said...

Love Howard Roarke! And who doesn't like the Chesire cat? :)

DotThoughts said...

cheshire cat?? lol. Alice was in my long lsit. As was Calvin. BigGeek is BIG into comics. he will appreciate Batman and the X-men :) Cool list. Will pick the Veronika book.. sounds interesting.

carolinagal said...

Love Jean Grey!!!
The Cheshire cat is not too bad either ;)

Keshi said...

ty for leaving bday wishes for me Rayshma! :)

I so love Alice in Wonderland but I cant rem all the characters...yes I grew OLDER just yday. LOL!


Suruchi said...

intresting one...can i ctrl+a,ctrl+c all of yours??

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Pinku said...


the list sounds like fun and I think the cat suits best the 'u' I know.

just so u mention I thought about it and realised I would like to be Dagny from Atlas shrugged another Ayn Rand classic...

sahana said...

hi reyshma,
first things first! i didnt know that they spelt your name this way too!just bloghopped, and started reading ur entries, 1 by 1 , and didnt realise that i had done all of them till feb! made me tardy in feeding the kids! which i can tell u ,i am very particular about.go on babes! u are a pro at blogging! i'll in certainment link to you and catch up regularly.

rayshma said...

sahana: thank u. those are really sweet words. me shall drop by soon :)
and oh yeah, welcome to the madness.

pinku: oh yeah, i like dagny too :) u can take this up as a tag if u wish :)

aart: thanks.

suruchi: hehee..!! yeah, just add calvin! i forgot to add him and rhett butler. the delish guy from gone with the wind.

keshi: u're welcome, darling! i love others' bdays! :D
and fret not! i'm growing older soon too! :D and heyy... me love cats... and alice! :D

CG: drop me ur email ID, will ya? ;) will not publish it, pucca. need it to send u the invite. *wink wink*

dottie: YAY! BG & i will also get along. so vin isn't hoarding any of u guys! :D

rita: hehe... very long back, i used to feel rather funny saying i love alice in wonderland and comics and stuff. guess i've grown up! :)

sol: not big on reading, eh? :)

galadriel: shaddup & do it. now-a-days i associate YOU with the lady of lorien! :D need to read LOTR again. :D