Jun 19, 2008

wolf wolf wolf!

have u ever had a problem bcoz u lie rather confidently. not lie... i wouldn't call it that. but u claim to know something that in reality u haven't the faintest idea about. not to brag or show off. but just?
i do. at times. under the following circumstances mostly.
:: am too bored to continue the conversation.
:: i'm hungry. *happens a lot more frequently than u'd think!*
:: i want to end the conversation coz i have something really kewl to discuss *happens ONLY with V.*
:: the topic of discussion doesn't really affect my life. or V's.

of course, this habit was formed as an occupational hazard. where the boss would commit something to MY client and i had no idea about it. but of course, when the client called, i had to sound like i knew. so i did. and to my credit, never has the client seen through this trait of mine. so yes, i'm good at it.

but then, this got translated into personal life as well. like if V'd ask me.. was it the next left or right? i'd confidently say left. when i had no idea where we were!

but by now... V's got used to this habit. and sometimes, he can actually tell when i'm not sure. and when he can't tell, he keeps questioning me to make sure i really DO know what i'm saying i know.

for instance. today. i asked him to pick me a book from the library. *yes yes.. i was too lazy to go out in the frikkin TX heat!*
so this is what ensued on mail.
me: need u to pick this book for me. details attached. now, the details included call no *reqd to identify book*, name & author.
vin: which library?
me: evans
vin: u sure?
me: yes.
vin: did u actually check?

of course i checked!!! if i know the call number, of course i've seen the library name! but no, man HAS to ask me! and this is not the only instance.

nobody believes me anymore. much like the little boy who cried wolf.


DotThoughts said...

I believe you! But men come from Mars, no? :P

Galadriel said...

i wouldn't believe you even if you brought the book to me. man does have a point. :)

Preethi said...

hahaha!! well deserved though... dont you think??;)
Keep at it.. and he might actually believe you someday :P

La vida Loca said...

oh u poor baby!
world is cruel

alice-in-wonder said...

Heh... looks like it's become an occupational hazard for him as well :P

Ankur said...


wolf wolf... here it comes!!! ;)

Mademoiselle P. said...

ohhh... poor pooor poooor you!

The Gypsy said...

LOL!! I believe you!! now you have to live up to ur promise of dropping in unannounced and staying over for dinner :D

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Oh wow !! The pleasure of confident lieing .. Apart from the "wolf" effect, it certainly is great fun when you use it on ur juns. Btw .. i liked that "left or right ?" .. "RIGHT" !!! [ the answer completely depends on which option comes last :p ]

Pinku said...


psssstttt...am a servicing executive in advertising what u mention as ur trait is a prerequisite in my profession....carry on friend

rayshma said...

pinku: that was exactly how i got afflicted with it! :D

sarfraaz: how've u been?! lol... u know the thing they say..."in life, when in doubt.. go straight & turn right?" ;)

gyp: yeah yeah! address kaun dega? how can i drop in unannounced, eh?! :D

p: hehe! u bet! :D

ankur: be careful... the wolf may just appear! :P

alice: oye! i'm not occupation for him! :D

loca: LOL! :D

preethi: oh, there are days when he's off-guard! ;)

galadriel: this is what ppl do when they pretend to be all busy & stuff... hmph! SHOO SHOO!

dottie: u bet! and this one's a bull from mars! :D

DewdropDream said...

I know someone who does the same thing... he's earned himself the nickname 'Pheku' :P

I usually have trouble believing myself if and when I end up spouting some gyaan because until I say it, even I wouldn't have known that I knew it... or the fact that whatever I said was actually right.

I'm a confused being... what to do no?

Taz said...

Hmmm, when in MBA there was a teacher who used to tell us that if u don't know something then try putting your hands up and saying i don't know instead of giving some misleading, random answer. Try doing that- believe you me it's not as difficult as it sounds.

rayshma said...

taz: have been told that at B school as well. practiced it also. but somehow, somewhere down the line... realization dawned that as long as you r'ber what's right and wrong for u personally... the rest doesn't matter.

dew: lol!! :D