Jun 11, 2008


okay. so apart from the fact that life has been topsy-turvy of late, there's lots more to recap. since this space is not going to be about any negativity, we shall focus on the good and the weird. also, things are way too personal to put them on a blog this time. there are things that'll have to wait till i'm ready. as yet, i'm not.

the speakable highlights of my trip would be:
- catching up with A. like nothing had happened. A is the same friend who'd stood me up last time and then disappeared. but he texted me when i was in pune. and i replied. as simple as that. and we met. and spoke. like nothing had ever happened. he didn't offer explanations. i didn't ask for any.
oh yes, i did think of standing him up. but suruchi gave me a very disapproving look.

- naming the baby. and she's called "Mihira"... and she's extremely adorable. she gets the cutest dimples ever!!! cuteness quotient threatens to compete with Vin's dimples even!

- chance encounter with a jyotishi. the crystal-ball reading gypsy woman types. eerie. VERY eerie. it deserves a complete post.

- meeting saty. in b'lore. he was a senior of mine at MICA. met him for the first time after he convocated and left the hallowed grounds. realized how much we've changed and how much of ourselves we've retained.

- being missed. sneha called me the day i was to leave. we're not really the bestest of frenz that can be or anything. and maybe that's why, it mattered that much more. it was really heartening to know that she was there if i needed to speak to someone. :) thanks, gurl. really.
galadriel called as well. but i'd have killed her if she hadn't. so no thanks to her! :P
and of course, there was all u guys. i was so touched by the mails i've got. from all u blog-pals. i may not be able to reply to all yet. but your words really mean a lot to me. some of u guys even checked with suruchi & galadriel on what was happening with me! wow! i am so touched. and SO glad that i'm part of such a lovely place. for once, i'm glad i'm unemployed... coz that's the only reason i got onto blogger and met you all.

- mumbai. i have no words to describe how nice it felt be there. and to spend time with joy, vibs, suruchi, ashish & advika. really. they were the only people i met up with while there. and it was worth every moment of it. love y'all SO much! and oh yes, was awesome to get drenched in the pehli baarish in mumbai :) more on that, later.

- home-coming. there's really no place like home. and though at times, i do get confused about where home is... it definitely is with V. finally, am sure of that.


Mansi Trivedi said...

Where are you going?
How's texas?
Sorry, I am a little late on catching up but so far, nice blog
and an awesome layout!

Pavi!!!! said...

hey gurl...we missed u too! Soooooooooo much! I reallllly did! but i used the time to visit some of ur old posts.

mihira is such a cute name

crustal-ball reading woman..tht sounds like an interesting story!

n i really like tht line "abt how much change n yet how much we retain". Thats so true of each one of us!

Pavi!!!! said...

Tagged u Ray-Ray. i know u hv so much to write as it is...but u like tags rite...

Lena said...

mihira sounds really cute..want to see the picsssssss...

And welcome dear! Missed you here!

Galadriel said...

mihira is a pret-pretty name. and yeah, good you're back. i finally have someone to mess around with again.
and yeah, of course i called!had to make sure you were leaving right?

La vida Loca said...

yay!!!!! you are back!!!
I missed you lots.
Welcome back and hugs

Anand Sarolkar said...

Good to see you back here. "Mihira" hmmm...nice name. What does it mean btw?

P said...

Hey nice to see you back here! Hope everything is fine with you. Did you just have a baby? Guessing from naming of baby. Very nice name btw :)

Ankur said...

nice to see that ppl are a happy lot nowdays at blogsville!!! :)


Pinku said...

mihira pics

Jyotisi - whole story

Pehli baarish - expereince shared

A post on how much you realised u have changed and retained

just listing down a few things am hoping to hear from u about..
welcome back!!!

Preethi said...

Mihira is a lovely name... pics!!! And yes want the crystal ball revelation! and yes there is no place like home.. hugs and welcome back!!

rayshma said...

preethi: yes, yes... u shall be updated soon! :D muah!!

pinku: to-do list? abhi se?! :)

ankur: it's all a roller-coaster...

p: no, no! not me!!! my bro's a dad now!!! mihira's HIS baby! :D

anand: thanks! :) mihira means "a ray of sunlight"

loca: BIG hugg!! :)

galadriel: u're asking.. nay, begging to be poisoned now!

lena: aye, aye! pics shall be put up soon.

pavi: i think i've done this tag... will chk. :)

mansi: welcome aboard! no, not going anywhere... just back from india. TX is nice.. sunny & dusty... so it ensures i don't miss india much! :)

K 3 said...

Nice name for ur neice, pehli barish in Mumbai - aww miss it!!! And welcome back!! Hugs

Solitaire said...

Hey..a little late here due to exams and such but oh I am so touched by your acknowledgment to my phone call. Did not expect that at all!! And am glad you know that I am here for you!

What does the name Mihira mean? Can we see pictures?

Welcome home! Will be there soon.

P said...

oh ok..sorry for the wrong number :)
Congrats for your niece!

Suma said...

sigh...u came to blore and we didn't meet....:(

so how's u, gurl?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Good you clarified Mihira is your brothers baby..me too was puzzled..lol

TheKing said...

Getting drenched in mumbai rains.. after all those things happen in life.. I agree 100%

alice-in-wonder said...

a bit late..but ...welcome back home. :)
Mihira is indeed a sweet name. Waiting on for your 'jyotishi' post. And hey, ofcourse you would be missed.. you had doubts abt that? :)