Jun 14, 2008

beer & chip(s)

conversation friday evng. after a couple of beers each.

me: arre yeah.. i had to tell u. we need to have a daughter.
vin: HUH?
me: no, no! don't be silly. whenever we have a kid, it HAS to be a daughter. i've already found a groom for her also.
vin: *stunned silence*
u've done what?
me: found her a groom. i'm SO proactive na? took my mom 26 years to find me u.. but look at me! daughter ka pata nahi, i have a groom ready for her.
vin: who is it?
me: chip. dottie's baby. he's adorable!
vin: chip? his name is chip??
me: hehe.. yeah. arre what's more.. they're m'ian also. ur mom will be so proud of me!
vin: our daughter will marry someone called CHIP? our son in law will be called CHIP???
me: yeah. he's a damn cute kid! me likes. me approves very much. she will never know that she has the option to disapprove. *feeling very proud of myself at this point of time. i attribute it to the beer.*
vin: and what has this cute CHIP done to deserve u as a M-I-L? hehehee...!

little does Vin know that you guys *some of u at least* think i'm nice n all. sigh!


P said...

I love those silly conversations :D
What if your daughter disapproves of 'Chip' just like her father? :p

The Gypsy said...

LOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! and here I thought,my munchkin had a better chance :) she being older n all!

Galadriel said...

either you stop having beer or you give all of us some to make us forget your brilliant ideas. take your pick.
also, dottie, you sure you ok with this little "arrangement"?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Gone are the days of Tea & biscuits ..Beer and Chips & CHIP..nice way to converse or Unwind ..LOL

B o o said...

Yeah, yeah, you are nice! ;) But that does nt mean your "future" daughter does nt have competition!! :)

mayG - /meɪ̯ - ʤi/ said...

aww chip is such a cuite na!!

Friendly Stranger said...

Happy blogging!

rayshma said...

hola friendly stranger: good to see u here! :)

mayg: u bet! i love His Chipness! :)

boo: i'm so glad i got this sealed with dottie before u got wind of it. ur Ashu's SO damn delish! i can only hope my future daughter has an ounce of that cuteness & wit!

CU: LOL!! :)

galadriel: come over. will drown u in beer. :P
and YES, dottie approves. :P

gyp: oh no! the deal's been done! :D

P: oh, she won't ever know she has the choice of disapproving! :D will build it into her psyche since she's little! :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Hhahah..hilarious this one is!
My friend n I..have these weirdo conver abt my TO-BE gurl and her To-Be born boy...tht one is not even married n we donno when she'll get married!n we yet know the date our kids'll be born, n the date they 2 will get married...muhahahaha

alice-in-wonder said...

Heh..is 'chip' aware of this agreement? (To misquote a dialogue) he can truly say " Mujhe jo pasand aaye woh abhi tak paida hi nahi hui hai : :D

Solitaire said...

I am going to have a daughter too. Maybe your daughter and mine can be best friends. :)

Pixie said...

Raysh, Dottie approved of this??!! Oh dear!!
I wish Chip and Dottie all the very best for the future... :P


MJS said...

Are you sure your son in law is called CHIP??? I mean he gotta have another name, right? a REAL name?? OR IS THIS HIS REAL NAME???

MJS said...

and I must say that for once, I can relate to Vin's exasperated expression!!!

Pinku said...


mail me the invite please...

I mean to the wedding....will need to make my travel plans u see...and also collect the money for the trip and gifts.

So much to plan for, so lil time, I am beginning to panic.

DotThoughts said...

I am laughing so hard there are BIG tears streaking my face! Raysh you are SOOOO funny. alice-in-wonder you comment is priceless. As is Pinku's. And no, Chip has no idea that this is planned. Raysh and I need to do a filmi isshtle issetup of the two. And then really make a movie out of it and make loads of $$ and retire.

Preethi said...

Make sure that Chip names your daughter!! Now all we have to do is wait for the daughter to arrive.. fir bas shaadhi.. actually do it right away.. that will be more fun for us spectators!!

ishqia said...


son in law before daughter arrives..

Lena said...

CHIP??!! is it really a name? anyways any idea about your daughter's name?

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL!! Yeah Chip will make a great son-in-law and of course Dottie will be the perfect MIL anyone can ever hope for - all you need to do now is name your future daughter Dip (at least on the blog)- and it'll be a jodi made in heaven! :D

karmickids said...

Alas, koi to mere bete ke liye bride dhund lo!!!

La vida Loca said...

darn it..u found her a groom already! I was hoping we could hitch my possible future son w/ ur future daughter...darn!darn!!!

rayshma said...

loca: lol!! yeah... and both have NO clue on WHEN the darned kids will come into existence! :D

K: we shall find u a DIL where her mother can cook! see the strategy? ;)

rita: LOL! sure thing! i'll call her Dip then! :D

lena: as rita sed, i'll call her Dip! :D or maybe, heineken! ;)

ishqia: welcome to the madhouse! :D

preethi: arre nahi nahi.. pehle script likhenge! :D we have to monetize every bit of this!

dottie: see? THIS is why i love u so! beti hui nahi... we're thinking of monetizing the deal! love the idea! i can even help sell the digital rights! ;)

pinku: LOLL!!!

MJS: oye... tameez se baat karo mere damaad ke baare mein! :P won't invite u for the wedding otherwise!

pix: yes yes! she put the idea in my head! :D

sol: of course they can! yippie! :)

alice: LOL! i thought corny dialogs was vin's forte! :D

pavi: no wonder we like each other! :D

Aryan said...

You are so funny..sweet heart...How can you get such idea's..We will customize your daugthers name to chip ke liyai...