Sep 27, 2007

quirk it up!

fuzzy tagged me to jot down 5 quirks. quirks?? me?? naah! but well, i LOVE doing tags when they're fresh - so here goes! my ToM attempt at listing my quirks. and really, none of them should make u rethink why u're reading this blog.

a. if caught unawares, my first instinct is to claw out. i have clawed many a stunned souls who have ONLY tried to surprise me.

b. while eating pizza, i HAVE to take one bite from the pointy end *of the pizza slice. i don't gnaw at the pizza as a whole* and then eat the crust. only after that, can i eat the rest of the slice. also, as mentioned countlessly before, i can't eat ANYthing that has dhaniya *coriander or even parsley* on it.

c. if i'm bored, hungry, restless, puzzled... i meow. and i'm told i sound very cat-like. this is not intentional - it happens very naturally. like people yawn? i meow.

d. i can't have anybody playing with my hair. or patting it or even touching it. in case someone does, my reaction varies from glaring *THIS can be scary. check with V*, to snapping, to clawing - depending on my mood.

e. i HAVE to store phone numbers according to "organization" or "category" in my cell phone. so I end up with Food - pronto's, HNG - SM, HUTCH - SV, FREN - SS, FMLY - Ma etc. this is compulsive. if i come across a number which is stored without a category, i delete it.

there! now, my turn to look around evilly *picked this from fuzzy as well!* and i tag:
suruchi: wud be nice to know d quirks underlying that docile mask.
mridz - plz limit urself to FIVE only.
pixie - go on... my time to tag thee :) and
plush - PLZ don't sound so depressed. m sure u'll do justice to this tag!
so there - my nominees! and of course, anyone who hasn't been tagged already, is reading this... plz feel free to take it up! and do let me know. so i can come & feel assured. the world needs a few more quirks!


Gauri said...

Ha Ha !! And I thought I was weird cos when I eat a slice of pizza - I don't start eating from the pointy edge - I always start eating from the crusty side and then move on to the pointy side.

Anonymous said...

I do not thing MJS will be able to limit to only 5. My bet is she cannot write unless you increase the limit to atleast 25.

Mahogany said...

I thought everyone starts eating from the pointy edge. They don't? Oh well, maybe it's just you and me.

Nice one on Delphi, BTW. You made me put it on my list :-)

MJS said...

Hey anonymous,
well well, I SO agree with you. I will try and list down only 25.. the top ones, though its gonna be a hard task.

rayshma said...

MJS - 5 only. PLZ! irrespective of anon comments on my blog! :D

mahogany - yeah, but ppl also continue eating from the pointy edge. unlike me.
thx! lemme know when u go to delphi. AND if u hear anything! :)
p.s.: voices in ur head do NOT count! :D

anon - pls read MJS' reply. and stop posting anon comments. refer to next piece for details. *YES, wait for it!*

gauri - thx for dropping by. me shall visit thy space soon :)
i LOVE pizza crusts!!

Fuzzylogic said...

LOL!now I know why we are a lot alike:)ditto on the pizza slice and the hair. I did notice a lot of meowing and clawing,no wonder you love your feline little friends so much:)

rayshma said...

heyy fuzz... yeah, i didn't know it was a quirk till i realized *or rather, was told* that no1 else did that! :D

Pixie said...

U do have a lovely set of quirks! ;-)
Will take up the tag soon - lots to do at work thee days...