Jan 27, 2008


i have nothing new to write, so flicked this tag from I2W, here. so, here's a list of d simple things in my daily life that make me feel happy... and in case u're still thinking of the title... well, am Keeping It Simple, Stupid!

- getting mails - and i mean mails, not one-liners - from very close frenz.
- logging in to find minal and/or suruchi online. and available for chat.
- cheesecake.
- going to bed knowing that i don't have to wake up early the next morning.
- that wonderful mix of a little bit of sunshine interspersed with a little bit of rain.
- going on an impromptu drive along the countryside.
- going through old photographs *physical or digital*
- parle G with coffee.
- breakfast in bed.
- knowing that u have friends that u can wake up even in d middle of the night "just because" u felt like talking to them.
- spending half a day bitching online with frenz and then not having to worry abt cooking for the day coz u can always order in!
- that 'moment' when u just look at ur partner and feel "i must have done something right for him to be with me"...
- being told u look good even though u're still in d PJs u wore to bed last night.
- going out random shopping and finding JUST what u thought u wanted!
- being given flowers. just like that!
- a good conversation with someone who listens to what u mean, not what u say. *and knows u well enuf to not be presumptuous!*
- logging in to see lots of comments on a blog piece! :)
- catching up with dotcomrades; either via mail, chat or blogs
- people paying you the money they owe u without u having to "follow up" for it. *i am so optimistic!*
- finding dollar bills in d denim pockets that u're about to drop in the laundry basket!
- coming across a friendly kitten on a random walk.
- being able to discuss personal 5-year plans and realizing that both of u actually want the same things!
- as i said earlier, reading a 'good forecast' in a monthly horoscope.


alice-in-wonder said...

Nice list. Err...who drives on those 'impromptu drives'? :P
lol @ friendly kitten - does that happen often? :D
And hey, glad to know my comments make someone happy :D

rayshma said...

hehe... of course, V drives! y else wud they be special! ;)
no re... felines are not known to be very sociable are they?! that's what makes the occasional one so cute! of course ur comments make me happy... look at me, i'm smiling! :)

Galadriel said...

being given flowers? i wonder what that feels like... :P

plush said...

:)...totally agree with the "long mails from ppl who matter" one...makes ur day,doesn't it..n yea..wish i cld hav the "sleeping with the knowlege that u don't hav to get up early the nxt day" one come true on weekdays!

La vida Loca said...

oohh yeaaa to all of them!

Vikas ( Vicky) said...

A god converastion with someone who listenes to what u mean, not what u say....


Jaswandi said...


parle-g with coffee :)
good forecast

actually everything is gr8!

what makes me happy or makes me smile is
reading such a simple n cute posts :)

Preethi said...

what a list.. impromptu drives.. my dav too... logging in to see lots of comments?? lol!!

Thinking aloud said...

what a beautiful list...knowing the wealth of simple pleasures is a good habit...s keep KISSing and have more fun ;)...

Aryan said...

Good list..Took time I guess..
coffe and Parleji is th best..
Aryan's mom

TheKing said...

U ain't reading anything these days? Why???

rayshma said...

king: why do u say that?
and btw, do blog!

aryan: u love bikis too, dont cha'?! :) nopes, didn't take time... usually, if i take time for a post, it doesn't get posted! :D

suma: i SO love ur advice! :D

preethi: umm.... even if it's 2 comments, i'm happy! :D hehehe...

jaswandi: thank u! me blog-rolling u :D

vicky: thank u :)

loca: :)

plush: d grass's always greener on the other side...;)

galadriel: u're still feeling low, aren't ya?! chin up, babes! :)

Preethi said...

You've been tagged :P

Orchid said...

nice!...but don't you always go random shopping and find just you wanted, ahem!!..i do :)
the kitten part..not me!

Pixie said...

Lovely! :-)
i'm going to pick this up too!! :-)

Trishna said...

Cute!!I think i would just replace the kitten with a puppy :)
"being told u look good even though u're still in d PJs u wore to bed last night"-cute!