Jan 2, 2008

let bygones be bygones...

there was lots in the year that went by that i'd rather forget. but some moments that made everything worth it! and i'd rather blog those to read and feel nostalgic at a later date! here're my hi-points of the year that was:

- getting my learners' license. to drive. not kill.
- the dubai stint. more so, coming back home from there.
- virtually meeting some really genuine folks. am i glad i blog!
- giving volunteering a shot. it's not as bad as i thought! it's actually fun. and the people are really interesting.
- knowing there's going to be an addition to my family... M's gonna have a baby!
- me NOT going back2school!
- making some really good friends!
- our first anniv. was all the more special coz we couldn't really be together or celebrate either of our birthdays.
- spending quality time with ma when i went down from dxb. had been a really long time since we just sat and talked. about everything and nothing.
- figuring out what i really want for myself. at least for the time being.

just hoping 2008 gives me a lot more to be thankful for! also, my way of saying "happy new year y'all!"


Thinking aloud said...

happy new year to you too!!!

Those were good memories....when i read addn to te family, i almost dashed off a congratulatory comment but....:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Wish you A Happy New Year!!
Good recollections of 2007 !!
It emerges both of you need to spend together.Just not the quality time(a strange coinage of the present generation !!)which is spent with kids and parents..

Take a break of 15 days !!

What an unsolicited advise in the begining of the year !!LOL

Galadriel said...

Have an even better 2008! And hopefully this time you will get to spend all your anniversaries/birthdays together.

Aryan said...

Happy new Year...Rashyma..I am here for the first time.
Are you sure you are getting learner's license to drive????
Aryan's Mom

Minal said...

who's having a baby??

Suruchi said...

:) thanks for being there for me all through out!

Anand Sarolkar said...

Happy new year to you too...hope your high points double up in 08.

rayshma said...

anand: thanks! :)

suruchi: don't get formal on me! if i were to start recounting all that u've done for me, i'll need to create a separate blog for it!:)

minal: u're not the only M! my bhabhi..? u shud read my mails, u know! :D

aryan's mom: welcome! nice to see u here... yeah, to drive. i'd love to get one to kill tho...! i've been cribbing all over this blog in d past that i wasn't getting down to reading the drivers manual... i finally did that! :D

galadriel: thanks! u know it's funny, i don't normally celebrate b'days... but events last year were outright weird... so i hope this year goes better! :)

comps: thanks so much! i wish i cud go down to india & spend more time with my folks.. let's see...

suma: hehee! that's in my TEN year plan, r'ber! LOL! we have lots to do before we think of kids...

DotMom said...

liked your title for this post.. happy new year!

Preethi said...

yeah nice title... nice set of recollections.. Happy New Year!!!

La vida Loca said...

Happy 2008 Gurl

Thinking aloud said...

that i agree, pls do have kids when you are ready for them...that's what i feel...

we took more than 3 years before we decided... and the pressure was handling the relatives...one even wanted to know whether i had a problem ...huh!!!

Pinku said...

hey!here's wishing that you have a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar longer list at the end of 2008!


Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Wish you that your next new year post should be greener and longer.
Happy New Year!

alice-in-wonder said...

Hello. Congrats on the learner's :D

TheKing said...


And wish you all that in 2008 for which you would like to be thankful!

rayshma said...

king: thanx :)

alice: wow! u're back on my blog! yay! :) and heyy... thanx! :D)

nsk: thank u! wish u a wonderful 2008 as well :)

pinku: thanks a ton! :) wish u a bright n happy 2008 as well :)

suma: hehe! i hate rels asking arbit questions! but then, mine have given up on me quite some time back...:D they presume i have a problem. and it's mental! :D

loca: thanks, gurl! :)

dotmom, preethi: thankee thankee! :)