Jan 5, 2008

thank god for gmail!

i am not the usual wife. i don't nag V over the phone. i usually avoid nagging him, in fact! but there are days when i HAVE to! the 'HAVE to' could be coz of a couple of reasons. like me having to tell him something, me wanting to bitch about someone, me confused over what to make for dinner, or me feeling d urge to trouble him. but i don't like calling. *if u've been reading this blog, u'd know my inherent dislike for the usage of a telephone for anything other than work!* so like a good husband, Vin mails me every day from work. once in the morning. then, when he takes a lunch break. *yeah, he's very cute n all. rite!*

i didn't get any mail yesterday. and it was almost his lunch hour. so i sent in a polite reminder mail saying "my mail?!?"

an hour passed. no reply. two hours. still no reply. now, if u know me, u would know that i'd be really irritated at this non-responsive and irresponsible behaviour. *i'm a drama queen. rite!*

so i went back, *to my inbox, of course* clicked compose, typed V in the "to:", pressed enter, skipped subject line and typed in the message: "how dare u not mail me?! now have lunch and mail me. pronto!!" and promptly clicked on send.

if i were in outlook, this mail would've gone thru. subject line, or none.

but, BCOZ i'd skipped out the subject, and bcoz i use gmail, *ONLY bcoz* the kindly virtual soul warily asked me "send without subject?" and THEN fortunately, for everyone concerned, i checked the recipient id. it wasn't addressed to MY Vin, but d Vin who heads my ex-organization's current US office! based in NY. and THIS would have been a little past HIS lunch hour. geez.

for a minute, i was tempted to click send anyways. JUST to scandalize d other vin. but then, i've decided to try and be less wicked this year. so i let it be.
of course, i resent the mail with the correct id to the correct recipient with a subject line of : "non-receipt of daily mail"

did i tell u, i love gmail?!


alice-in-wonder said...

Even yahoo does that btw :P

Galadriel said...

heh..ever seen that movie in which this lame dude tells his friends "meri biwi hai satellite"??
i'm just sayin....

Preethi said...

oh my.. you are quite something arent you.. wouldnt it have been easier to pick up the phone and call.. I had a requirement for DH to call me as soon as he got to work everyday.. now 5 yrs later.. neither of us remember!!

Thinking aloud said...

LOL!!! i wonder what wld have happened if u had sent it to the other vin....

u wrote this so well!!!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Did Vin reply? If gmail didn't notify you and if the mail reach the wrong Vin... the post would have taken a rather interesting turn.(Sometimes being wicked is good;)

Thanks for visiting my blog
Thanks for commenting and motivating me
Thanks for blog rolling me
Thanks for giving me a chance to thank(Oops senti...mental me..)

TheKing said...

The other V has any cardiac history? If no, then why didn't u? I mean, come on, being mean for a change is healthy..tried/tested enough so far :-)

And god bless ur V!!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Damn cute and funny..After this I am sure V is keeping to schedule too!!

rayshma said...

comps: hehe.. My V or the other V?! :D

king: arre, he's my "prospective" employer here, didn't u know!? and he's one of those "nice guy" types... ideal candidate for future harassment! yeah yeah, are u MY fren or wot, huh?!
u get married... i'll prolly train ur wife also! :P

nsk: umm... i have quite some experience in being wicked..this year, i resolve to be good! :D and u're welcome! :)

suma: d other vin wud've prolly called up "d boss" and asked him what to do next. LOL! :D wud've been fun, actually.... and thank u! :)

preethi: i don't like to call. in fact, i don't know what to say on the phone. i'm very good at mailing tho... :D

galadriel: LOL! i haven't tagged him with GPS yet... *the technology, not my fren!* but if i did, it'd be more of a nuisance than help! hehehe...!

alice: really?! kewl! last time i used yahoo was, i think 5 years ago.... so wasn't aware! :D

plush said...

hehe...u shd hav sent the mail to both the Vs...now that wld hav been a nice wickeed start to the year...:)...thanx raysh...have a great year!

Pixie said...

i do it too...
But, its outlook to outlook!!!
Even the nagging part is done thru e-mail! (I will then have proof that I did nag him abt doing something and he still forgot and so on and so forth)

I love gmail - but, its blocked here at work... so lame again...

DotMom said...

LOL. that was a close call.. wow.. i once mistook a college friend for my father in law online on msn (they both have same names).

La vida Loca said...


joy said...

hey that a nice way to nag hubby..thanks for the idea...

loll. tc