Jan 23, 2008

maa, tujhe salaam!

there comes a time in ur life when u start feeling very primitive. very tech unsavvy. for me, d time is now. i'd heard that if u have to keep climbing d professional ladder, u need to stay abreast of technology. but this is not professional *those skills are still fine!* this is personal.

at school, at college... i was usually one step ahead of my peers vis-a-vis techiness. *ONLY that* while some dabbled at how to use a computer, i knew programming. while folks struggled with ppt, i was figuring out flash. when d phone lines were busy, i'd simply text home.

in fact, ma learnt to text when i was at MICA. *pa doesn't like technology much. and still doesn't use cell phones or computers!* those were times when texting was a lot cheaper than calling. *even incoming calls were charged!* also, i'm not much of a phone person, so texting was my thing. she, then, picked up abbreviations that not many knew. *mobile phones and texting were quite new in india, then. in fact, she still uses more abbreviations than most people my age!*

then, of course, i started working. and while others worked in traditional media/marketing firms, i started off with "new media". online advergaming was the way i earned my pasta & cheese. technologies changed, and i started working in mobile media. while my frenz were trying to figure out how their high-end cell phone worked, i could give u sermons on mobile VAS, tell u how to make ur battery last longer AND give u mobile market stats. this period kind of made my ma very tech unsavvy. there was no need to chat *since i didn't chat from work*, and since i lived in bbay, she'd just call instead of texting. she, then started texting my bro. *he'd shifted town by then* i r'ber once when bro called me and said "what the hell is 'hw ws ur day? v r gng out 4 dinr, wl cl whn bk.'" that was what ma had texted him. and he blamed me for it. *of course, i told him he was primitive! and EVERYone wud know that. but that's a diff story!*

this morning, i got two mails from ma.
one, with the subject line: "this is mom", informed me that she had a new gmail id, and she'd added me to gtalk, so we cud now chat. the mail was signed off, "cheers, mom"
and mail two was a picasa link to pics & videos of my bhabhi's babyshower!!! pics and videos??? picasa??? URL?? my MA!?! even V doesn't know how to upload videos & send URLs! of course, i logged in *i'm an obedient daughter*. my ma was online... WITH a status message & everything... and asked me to download "proper" gtalk instead of chatting from d inbox. so she cud voice chat with me. VOICE CHAT?! also, i now have to get a web cam. *she already has one!*

i, honestly, have NEVER voice chatted or used a web cam. and then, i realized. my mom is way more tech savvy than i imagined. and of course, more than i am. geez! i better roll up my sleeves and get started. but till i get there, kudos to her! for being welcoming to technology, and beating her son AND daughter at what is allegedly, their game!

wonder what next! blogging, maybe...? geez!


DotMom said...

hahahahahhaha. I LOVE your mom. Tell her that will ya? dang. you have one cool, hip mom. My mom just uses email and msn..maybe I should send her to your mom's hosue for a crash course?

rayshma said...

sure will tell her! and of course... u can send ur mom over to my mom's... but are u sure u want urz to be more tech savvy...?! i mean, it's tuff u know.. to cope!?

alice-in-wonder said...

Lol!!! Tech-savvy mommies rule :D

Umm...if your mom starts blogging, please do tell me the link :P

Thinking aloud said...

WOW!!! better catch up girl...and she sounds a super mom...hats off to her!...voice chat, webcam...i'm impressed...

now i know whr u got ure genes from :P

if she ever blogs..do make sure to let me know! my mom's still figuring out her cellphone!

Lavs said...

Here I have been trying to get my mom to switch on the computer for ages.sigh!!!

Aryan said...

wow..you mom is cool..better catch up. I would love to see her blog..
Aryan's mom


nice blog

Pixie said...

LOL!!! moms sure rock!!!
even i haven't chatted ever with a webcam... *sigh*

La vida Loca said...

My ma has to take a leaf out of your ma's book :D

L E T A U R E A U said...

Look at that, you reading my blog when m reading yours! How often that does happen?

I am a certified geek. I make no sense in almost any social situation.

rayshma said...

taureau: holy frikkin coincidence, eh!? i don't make sense in social situations either... but i restrict my geekiness to basic chat & mail & texts. how d'u voice chat!?

loca: u want a geeky mom at this age?!

pix: i know!

harekrishnaji: thank u! and welcome to the madness.

aryan: i am just hoping she doesn't get to blogging!

lavs: give her my mom's number! or shud that be email id?!

suma: i'd taught mom to download content and her response was "useless! why do i need this?!" :( she was further horrified to know that her "educated" daughter sold RTs for a living. :(

alice: yeah yeah! u can't wait for her to figure out blogging, can u! :P

Preethi said...

:) my dad finally figured out he couldn't live without it.. so he is chatting too ;) My mom on the other hand was always 2 steps ahead.. When I enrolled into BE Computer Engineering, my mom figured I was gonna be talking a language she didn't know.. so She studied (yes enrolled in a university et al and studied) PGDCA (Diploma in Computer Applications). Then when I started working for a top IT firm in the country.. she enrolled for MCA!! She knew more Java than I did!!

plush said...

hehe...hellooo to mama kewl!

karmickids said...

YOur mom sounds super duper cool...in fact, I realise I havent used a webcam ever...LOL. Am truly a dinosaur.

Suruchi said...

wow! thts super cool...will call her up and ya will add her to my gtalk as well.

Vikas ( Vicky) said...

hey carzy super moms.... first i read yor blog...the was just goin through cmmnt... mail/chat/webcome/voicechat/PGDCA/MCA... wats hapening.... i need to show all this to my darlin( mata ji)..she is still so busy in making spicy achar for me which i just love.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

lovely read,rayshma..I can see a beaming you in this post..catch up fast...lol

Monsieur K said...

my mom's used to emails - and she's now learning to chat n voice chat. but i am still not able to convince her in using a cell phone!
lets see. i am not gonna give up ;-)

Jaswandi said...

hey gr8!
all the best :)

rayshma said...

jaswandi: thx. i need it.

ketan: cell phones were taken care of. i called it professional hazard! ;)

comps: thank u :)

vicky: all u need to do if u want thy mata ji to get tech savvy is stay out of the country for a couple of years! and while u think abt it... pass on d achaar will ya?!
p.s.: welcome aboard! :)

suruchi: before u do that, plz keep a list of 'things-2-not-say' ready, will ya?! u're dangerous!

kiran: i haven't either! :( and i worked in digital media. :'(

plush: :P

preethi: OMG! u SO psyched me out! don't let ur mom near mine, will ya!? :D

Trishna said...

HEy gal!!!
I have to tell you this-I LOVE your mom!! She is way too cool!!!
And this is such a lovely post!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

So..You are your mom's girl.
Eagerly awaiting mom's blog. Imagine:)) She posts about bringing you up; she tags you; she scolds you when you are not posting regularly and bombards you when she finds u online late night!