Jan 18, 2008


while it gets colder and there are "ice" warnings in TX, there's a lot of noise in my head. white noise. it may take a few hours to clear or a few days. will get back to blogging when i can make some sense of it!
thanks a ton to all of you who checked in on me. no, i haven't hibernated, haven't resolved to blog lesser and of course, since there's no snow here, not buried in it! i shall see u here soon... y'all have fun!


alice-in-wonder said...

White noise? Catching some signals from ETs?

How hv u been?

Aryan said...

HI Rayshma..nice to know that you have not hibernated..
Aryan's mom

L E T A U R E A U said...

oh that annoying texas snow.
hard as ice, white as snow.

Oh that annoying texas snow.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Very philosophical way of approaching issues..that too in Jan itself ..lol

Solitaire said...

Hey where in Tx are you??