Jul 23, 2007

miss the mrs.

me: do u miss me?
v: yeah, of course i do.
me: seriously?
v: yeah. initially one-two days i didn't realize, but now i do...
me: y? ghar didn't feel empty when u went back? u didn't feel sad or anything?
v: it did. and i did feel a little low...
me: then? what d'u mean u didn't miss me initially?
v: i got a ticket on the way back from the airport. i thought i was depressed becaused of that.

p.s.: "ticket" here refers to being fined on a US free-way.


Monsieur K said...

i am not trying to defend V, but i have to say that he's being honest! :)

Noodlehead said...

i'd really, really, really love to meet you and v sometime coz you guys are soooo much like n and myself! your blog always, always, always cheers me up...thanks!!

btw, wondering what your reaction was to v's final comment ;)

rayshma said...

ketan - i know! love the honesty, me too...:))

noodless.. long time, babes! thx SO much! how've u been?! how's BonBon? hmm... my reaction.. well, ask me no questions... and i'll tell u no lies..;)