Jul 28, 2007


i pride myself on being witty and being able to pull myself out of situations! usually! but the occasions when i don't manage, tend to go down in my cache... lkng back, some of my fave "foot-in-mouth situations have been...
a. i wrote a mail to my then-CEO with d subject line "jpegs to the ogre". i knew wot ogre meant. i shud've known that when my CS head told me to send files from the folder titled "jpegs for the ogre" OGRE did NOT refer to a new client! she apparently titled the folder thus, coz he *the CEO* made them sit up late and work on the silly jpegs. and i thought i was being bright by not snooping into her folders to check!
b. i'd gone for an interview *obviously, who'd want to work for an ogre!*, a decently ordinary looking man met me in the lobby and asked me my name. i was feeling unusually confident and bright. i reverted "i'm rayshma. thou art?" he was, the CEO of the company. with an inflated self-image *ego, isn't it?* and was visible all across a certain brand's hoardings in b'bay. i told u - i'm bad with faces!
c. i had been avoiding a certain vendor's call. while rushing into a client's office, i got his call again. being in a hurry, i obviously did not take his call. only to realize that he was right behind us! well, of course, i told him i was already late and he was a very imp vendor, so i would have called him after the meeting. don't think he believed me, but i guess we were too important for him to have made it an issue! i MUST mention - i mailed him y'day and asked him to get in touch coz i wanted content from them. HOW embarassing is this gonna get!!
d. my CEO's name matched my AEs. *y do these things happen with me and CEOs? well... * the AE was trying to use my phone for testing. i did not want him to. CEO was talking on HIS phone strolling outside MY cubicle! i did not know. me, after 3 mins of haggling with my AE to put my phone down, chimed out in a loud, clear voice "N, PUT THE PHONE DOWN". turned left, saw the CEO N, giving me a look which sed "r u sure u don't want to rethink wot u said". then, of course, i sheepishly clarified "N? THIS N? MY phone? hehehe" either this one had a good sense of humor or was just plain too busy to deal with mad employees. good for me.

anywez, one very important thing i learnt at my 1st job was that "when rape's inevitable, lie back and enjoy!" that, has probably helped me in these and many more situations... even the "i'm-so-dead" ones!


MJS said...

Trust me on this one - just 1 week back, I celebrated the spirit of "if you cant fight it - enjoy it"! It was a fairly formal celebration complete with a cake cutting ceremony (chocolate cake)..
Me and my entire team boosted our spirits with "3 cheers to GPL!!!"

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rayshma said...

we shall have another celebration soon, MJS! shal update u personally!

how's life with u!? :)

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