Jul 31, 2007

one of those days...

it's one of those days. the day when i wish i could explain to myself what i'm doing here. the day i think of what it's like:
- to wake up in d morng. and not see his face.
- to not have him tell you what to have for lunch/dinner and then offer to make it for u.
- to not receive a weekend report *from V* reports received now are anything, but personal!
- to have to carry a hand-bag. and money. and a mobile. and take care of all of it!
- to not have the red coupe waiting when u get down the stairs.
- to walk down the stairs all by yourself.
- to wake up early and leave. in formals.
- to have chocolate ice cream and not have him to finish it for u.
- to actually pay for what you buy.
- to hail a cab!
- to haggle wth people on timelines for content delivery that's only going to benefit them! *haggling, fiscal prudence... whatever!*
- to be able to speak to him barely for half an hour a day.
- to be dumped in the middle of an ocean without a life jacket because you'd once said you could swim!
yeah, it's depressing. more, it's SO not worth it!


Anand Sarolkar said...

You are sounding so low! come on, where's the fighter in you?

At my end,I am busy playing hide-n-seek with life! ;)

Kabhi Life jeet jati hai kabhi main...But maza aa raha hai!

Still trying to plant my foot firmly in this corporate world.

And loads of things on mind.

Fuzzylogic said...

It's really hard staying far from the loved one.I couldn't have got myself to do it too. But try to keep your chin up and you will be back together in no time! How much longer is this Dubai stint?

Noodlehead said...

oh, you poor dear!! hugs to you. i know it's terrrrrrible. i feel that way right now. am still at mom's place and N's too busy to come visit regularly so i see him once a fortnight or so :( hang in there, girlio. think of all the fun you'll have when you get back.....that's what i'm doing!

rayshma said...

hmm... yep! but i'll bounce back! :) was just one of those days i guess... when u stand and try to take stock. then, u continue :)
noodlez - gr8 idea!! :))
fuzz - a month more! :(
anand - lage raho! :)

plush said...

oh man...i hav to get a laptop!!hav i actually missed all this...hmmm...yea raysh..me too...kinda in the same boat...or am i...am in even in the boat...donno...but good to be bac here...:).

Monsieur K said...

i aint surprised that this post was put on a monday. talk abt monday morning blues :D
anyways, the weekends almost there, and i hope u are in much better spirits now :)

rayshma said...

plush - rite now, even i don't know where or wot d boat is! but heyy babes - keep d faith! boat shall arrive. and then, we shall share it. lol!!

ketan - that's the worst part!! the friggin week begins on a sunday!!!!!!!!! yeah, weekend's HERE! so i AM feeling a tad better.

MJS said...

I couldn't agree more with that last statement of yours - it's SO not worth it!

Deepti said...

just loved what u wrote... :)

rayshma said...

yeah, mrids. i knew u'd understand... :0)

deepti - thanks! :)