Apr 20, 2009

age old issues?

fri evng... chicken, beer and the 70s show...
i, of course, take it upon myself to make it trivia time!

me: *referring to ashton kutcher* heard of how he won over CNN on twitter?
vin: eh? no. cnn, the channel?
so i tell him in as great detail as i can r'ber.
me: ... and demi moore said...
vin: why was she commenting? who asked her?
me: huh? she's his wife no? she was doing wifely thing by saying...
vin: WHAT?? WTF??? really???
me: hehehe.. this is hilarious...!! u didn't know!? :D
vin: of course not! why would i... but really??
me: what're u so surprised for?
vin: she's a LOT older than him... no?
me: hahaa... you also like older women. and she's hot.
*still in shock abt kutcher's marital status*
vin: huh?? yeah.. but old is not... not that old... around your age is okay.

ouch! really. ouch!
*no, the rest of the conversation cannot be blogged*


Galadriel said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Vin is awesome!!!

And yeah, your age is ok.. :P

Prashanti :) said...

heheheheehheheheheheheheheehhe :)

La vida Loca said...

HAAHa! Hmm I'd be surprised if you have crossed the 3-0 mark. Had you pegged at about 27, 28 tops. That's young.

rayshma said...

loca: HAHA... haven't crossed yet. but i'll be 30 this year. that's no excuse, is it?! he's still OLDER! :D

prashanti: u laughing AT me?! don't laugh at old ppl...! hehehehe!

G: sharrup... u're on MY side, rber?
and biyatch.. of course, my age is okay! HE is the old one, rber?! hmph!

Lavs said...

you will be 3-0 this year is it?? hee hee then you are my didi by 2 long years!!
**runs away before Rayshma throws her sandals**

rayshma said...

lavs: NOW i can order u around, can't i?! :D
and erm.. i no throw sandals... i'm a shoe-a-holic... didn't ya know?!

Pavi!!!! said...

hahahah !He said that?!really? LOL!! The man managed to get away with that???

La Vida Loca said...

oh ok. Me too. Welcome to the old hags club then for both of us.
ok ok. Hold on to your shoes :D

Keshi said...

I reckon a woman is at her HOTTEST in her 30s :)

Vin sure is a schemer lol!


Suma said...

HAHAHAHA! so that explains your staus msg!

Psst...poor vin! How's he? can he walk? :P

Pixie said...



this round goes to Vin!!!


PURN!MA said...

hehehehehe... tooo good! This time, I'm inclined to support Vin. :D

**ducks in quick to avoid the wrath of the ol' lady** ;) Muuah!

DewdropDream said...


And unlike G we are very open about my side-taking business :P Vin rocks!

You no throw shoes... you give raptas :P

Pinku said...

wow!!! Vin really is courageous...he still in hospital??

Amey said...

You kinda did bring it upon yourself. Like I recently heard: talked him into it and he dropped the axe carefully on your toes.

rayshma said...

amey: then, he spent the rest of the evng getting his feet out of his mouth! :P

pinku: u think i'll take him to the hospital after that! ;)

dewey: yes, child. and u get the raptas very freely! :D

purnima: erm.. well.. he IS older to me, u know?

pixie: how abt giving me props for blogging a non-favorable conversation?!

suma: hahaha... yeah! NOW u got the mesg! it's a cross-media campaign! ;)

keshi: yeah. research proves that a woman reaches her sexual peak at 35. a man reaches his in his teens.

loca: yeah... it's a good age to be at... what say?

pavi: well... he shall pay. EVERYDAY! :0)

Keshi said...

**a man reaches his in his teens.

dun we all know that LOL!


Kippie® said...

hahhahhahahaha....hahhahha...cannot stop rotfl!
btw...me married to younger man... so i totally identify! hhehehhehehehe

Monsieur K said...

hehehehe :)))

roop said...

rofl!!! :)

hey, did i upset you in any way? i hvent heard from u in a whiiiiiiiiiile!!! all well! ? :)

thought i'd ask.

lafemmereva said...

This one is for Vin! Nice blog you have!

Ersa said...

HAHhAHHA...First time here, loved this one...HAHA !

rayshma said...

ersa: welcome! :) glad u liked it.

lafemmereva: welcome to the madness... all the rounds usually go to vin... the rest are censored! :D

k: :D

kip: this man's older to me.. wonder what's HIS excuse! :D

keshi: lol! :)

Anna Bond said...

lol :)
Genuinely spontaneous line if there was ever one!