Aug 1, 2008

run away!

i may give awesome suggestions on how situations make us stronger, better individuals. how fighting things out is the right thing to do etc. and i believe all of that. really, i do. but when it comes to me. i just run.

i think i'm a coward. really. inadvertently, i have mostly taken the easier option out. it's not something i'm proud of. i'm just very non-confrontational. unless of course, u try and poke a stick at something that's dear to me. then, may ur lord save u.

but yeah, running away is the bestest solution that comes to my silly, stressed mind. however, strangely *in the sense that I find it strange*, this attitude is only limited to my personal life. professionally, i'm super aggressive. sometimes, more than required. suruchi can vouch that i can draw blood for a celina jaitley exclusive wallpaper; but personally, it has to be REAL personal. otherwise, i'll run away!

let me tell u a couple of instances... when running away was not and should not be the ideal solution. but it was. for me.

the other day when suruchi and i were bitching about our respective husbands... i told her she should run away. only then will he realize her worth. also told her how i'd run away last year and how the poor hubby THEN realized he does miss me.
see, it's very easy to get "used" to each other. being around all the time and stuff. so running away provides a good respite.

minal and i have a pact. that WHEN we run away from home, *not if, when. we know that someday, we will* we can always seek refuge in the others' house. and the other will not ask ANY questions. about why, how long etc. neither will we attempt to contact the respective husband and inform him that their wife is with us.

y'day... i saw this huge...and i mean, HUGE insect in my bathroom. my first instinct was not to squash it or scream. i RAN. OUT of the bathroom. and locked it. and sat and whimpered on the couch. THEN, i mailed vin. before i could call him, suruchi called me. and we had an entertaining conversation which i cannot share. but running away was my reflex.

long back, my folks wanted me to get married. i didn't sit across the table and argue/discuss with them. i ran away to bbay. where i could work in peace and didn't have to constantly have marital pressures on my head! returned when i wanted to get married. problem solved. nobody bursts a nerve.

the job scene. now, only i know how frustrating it has been. but when i think abt next year. the BEST solution in my mind is running away to another country. where we BOTH may be able to work peacefully. NOT that i could change streams and take up IT or i could go back to school. NAAAAHHH... running away. that's what i excel in!

R asked me what i'd do if i didn't get along with my MIL who's gonna be visiting us in less than a month. i answered with complete seriousness. "i'll run away"

right now, we don't know what to do over the weekend. and know that if we stay at home, one of us will kill the other. *i'm in one of those phases* so we're running away to houston. of course, we'll run away from there as well and be back here before u know i've been gone.

see? that's how serious i am about it.


Lena said...

i believe if running helps to solve the problem, then it is an option too :)

And how are we going not notice you ran to Houston if you already told us? :P

have fun there!!
Enjoy your weekend!

La vida loca said...

Am beginning to think it is a nice strategy. I am confrontational and fat lot of good it has done.
MIL--- run away thats the best strategy

Galadriel said...

is that why the song of your life is 'fire on the mountain..' ??

Pavi!!!! said...

:)) funny gurl !

is it that easy to run away???i feel running away is the most difficult decision one cld ever make n one needs guts to run away! I don't hv the guts!Teach me no...

Suma said...

hope you packed a good pair of shoes :P

*ducks before u throw something

happy weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

you go girl..And if you see another soul running randomly ,stop by and say hello.That girl will be me.Running away from situations I am not comfortable with " :-)
And no its not cowardice,but for general world peace that we run..what say?

Noodlehead said...

can i call you speedy gonzales :D

hey, running solves the problem without nasty confrontations, broken relationships and all the other things that go with it, then hey, run all you want, honey :)

gee, i think you've kind of inspired me to try this too :D

alice-in-wonder said...

If you ran away, you promised to come to my place.....

Ok, reminding part done... now, running away is no cowardice, it's a very brave act. I should know, I keep doing it meself :(

rayshma said...

alice: u know, thanks for reminding! u're actually a better bet. vin'll NEVER be able to guess that i'm with u! :D

noodles: hehee!! :D arre no no... don't get inspired. and sweetie.. where will u run with bonbon?

lost: i absolutely agree! to world peace! *raises a toast*

suma: also packed stilletos, wedge heels, platforms and flats. :)

pavi: i never said it's easy. but it's convenient, yes. what do u do?

galadriel: u've confused me for someone else. all this running away WAS very discreet. so no, no song of my life.

loca: hehehe! some ppl make others' run away. i find it too much trouble! :D how was bday, girlie?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

So much of running (away ),surely you must have turned into an athlete by now.Is China calling ? For a change,now you should plan & plot to make others run away. does it make sense ? lol

Ankur said...

hehe..u know wat, it seems to me tat u have all the fun running away!! :P

and seriously, i wud have run away if i see a roach in my bathroom... i hate them!! :P

have fun..

Keshi said...

ewwwwwww @insect! I'd die if I see one :(

I agree..every situation in life makes us stronger, if not run away lol!


sahana said...

running away is a good soln, but people like u and me, we are the kind ,who'll possibly run into bigger trouble!
hence, i have arun as my sheet anchor,hope its the same for u!

Preethi said...

haha.. great post.. I have been know to suggest it ever so often too.. you know if this goes on I will walk out that door and you will never see me again.. this to 3 year old Cheeky who is not very amused by this behavior!! I think we need to meet now.. want to run away together to a non IT , non lottery work visa land?

Monsieur K said...

reminded me of kareena frm JWM saying,
"main toh... bhaag rahi hoon!!!" :DDD

plush said...

heehee..yea raysh...sometimes its "the" most sensible thing to do...running away...i know somethin made me run away right in front of the lecturer(his back...rather..:d)..yea.. couldn't stand him or whatevr he was talkin abt...whoo what fun it was!