Aug 5, 2008

random daftness

some people seem to believe that sharing information is unnecessary. esp if it's something the others can use.
the lady at the apartment office, for instance.
us: is the apartment furnished? or are we getting one of the unfurnished ones?
her: well, i can't tell you that as of now.
us: we need to shift in on sept 1. would the apartment be available then?
her: umm... i really can't say yet. u'll have to check.
us: where could we check? *hoping this would be available online*
her: you'll have to call me after a couple of days.

sigh! after all, it's no fun if there's no mystery in changing apartments, right?
we'd called chilli's on saturday night. and i spoke to a rather enthu girl there.
her: hi, this is chilli's!!!!
me: heyy! we were wondering if it would be fine if we got there in another 20 minutes?
her: sure! welcome to chilli's!!! *yeah, rite!* would you like the address?
me: umm... no. thanks. but till what time are u guys open?
her: we're open till mid-night on the weekends!!
me: OKK. it's 45 past mid-night right now. are u sure we can still come by?
her: OH! no. then, i guess, we're closed for today.

really? then u GUESS?


Pavi!!!! said...

I know theyweren't good to but Can't help it.. LOL! really some ppl...

Good luck with the apartment hunt ...i know how horrifyin it can get.

La vida loca said...

heyy I feel like Einstein right now

Galadriel said...

who asked you to call up at 12.45 knowing that they closed at 12? serves you both right, it does! :D

alice-in-wonder said...

heehee... maybe the girl at chili's was just overworked, and hadnt had time to look at a watch. :D

I had called up a place the other day to get their address (was already on the road so couldn't look it up) and the lady on the phone gives us the block number and we cant find it and keep making u-turns and call up again. that time someone else gives us a different block number which turns out to be correct. :D

On a tangent.. you eat so late? tch tch

Suma said...

lol...people are really out to get you, girl...

but eating at 12.45?...ahem!!

unless of course interesting things happened before that...(*ok..i'm going, i'm going!!!)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

poor you..Unfortunately we have no choice but to LOL,but with sympathies to you..finally what did you do for food at 1145 ?
daftness, from here too !

Ankur said...

1st one...

now is it so weird there, that they dont tell u, then y do they have put up the advertisement??? :P

i guess she was some girl in a call center in India who forgot to see her watch! :D

Keshi said...

lol @#2! Can ppl be that dumb?


Solitaire said...

Hahaha!! Dumb and dumber?

Noodlehead said...

rotflmao! btw i'm with suma...there's only one thought that occurs to me that wud make you hungry at 12.45. *grins and hurriedly runs off before teeth get dislodged*

lostonthestreet said...

do you second guess when exactly I am reading your blog? coz the moment I open your blog I get a comment from you.Not complaining though :P
Talking of enthu cutlets, I personally am not too fond of over-friendly waiters :-) whats your thought on that

lostonthestreet said...

yeah actually come to think of it..was that post-ahem meal!!!! *wink wink*

rayshma said...

to all who're winking and aheming and asking...
well, we were at houston at a friend's place. all were drunk'ish... and had gobbled up chicken & mango cake and jalebis. but wanted more desesrt. so wanted to go to chilli's. :D if only... :D
so.. nothing "of the sort" happened that day! :(

lost: yeah, i have telepathic powers. which, i misuse to figure out who's reading my blog & when. i'm THAT useless! :D
u have to go to a mexican restaurant here to know what friendly waiters are. sometimes i think they're gonna join us for the meal! argh..!!

noodles: mind working overtime... time for another Bon Bon, eh? ;)

sol: u bet!

keshi: u bet! the worst was she sounded SO enthu at that hour! geez..!

ankur: arre nahi, univ housing hai. too much demand has spoilt them, i guess.
and nahi re... no call center. must've been one of these dumb bimbettes!

comps: we went to the gas station and got ice cream :D

suma: :P

alice: maybe. but saying "welcome to chilli's" AFTER i've told her we want to drop in? :D

galadriel: YOU seem to know all the chilli's timings. why don't i call YOU next time! :P

loca: uhh... u are quite bright!

DotThoughts said...

lol. so was the pat. furnished? and where did you eat that day? IHOP? I had no idea Chillis was open till midnight.

K 3 said...

tagged ya! :D

rayshma said...

k3: done! :)

dottie: dunno YET! our lease ends aug 31... after that, we're probably camping in the park. WITH MIL, of course! :D
it's ok...galadriel is the only one who knows all the chilli's timings! :D we just wanted desert... ended up at the gas station! :D

Ankur said...

same here in pune... one of my frnds was actually aksed by his landlord to pay 5k more per month, so the 12k became 17k!!!
ppl are gettin crazy here too!!

sahana said...

now the timing brings out the 'ahem' in evryone. though from where u would have the energy to drag yourself out of bed after the 'ahem' is i think a good question.for a change, frankly the comments were more interesting !!!!happy icecream eating

Preethi said...