Aug 4, 2008

why do i care!?

i am surprised.
this noon, i was chatting with this batch-mate of mine. we're not good friends or anything. but we know each other. and once a while, we chat up. and catch up on others he's in touch with or some that i'm in touch with.

today, he told me he'd returned to india in march after abt 3 years in malaysia. and i jokingly asked him... "planning to tie the knot is it?"
he said "no re. is that all you guys can think about?"

i told him i was kidding. we had the usual conversation and we said bye to each other. just now, when i logged back in and was snooping on random acquaintances' orkut profiles, i realized that the guy i was talking to got married in april.
a common friend who had attended the wedding has put up a pic of some batch-mates at the wedding.
and i was like WTF???

WHY would someone like him have to lie to ME about his wedding?!
last i knew, it was not a social stigma to get married!
it's definitely not worth keeping a secret from me. *or from anybody!*
then why did he hide the fact that he was married from me?! also, did he think i'd never find out...?
i know there's no reason why i should be thinking abt this. but i'm just mindfucked... and thought would ask u guys.

any reason why you would lie about ur marital status to a general acquaintance?


La vida loca said...

hmm that is weird!
what gives?

Keshi said...

eeeks! its not a nice feeling at all to be lied to!

Rayshma, some ppl hv done that to me too...lied abt their marital status and it baffles me as to why they wud do that.

Then I realised that some ppl get married not cos THEY want to, but cos their family/society wants to...and they continue to feel unsure abt it, so they dun share the news with some friends thinking that they'd be judged...cos they themselves r not sure of what they did!

And some others dun share the news maybe cos they wanna be seen as single by the opp sex? :)

And some others may not share the news just cos they r pathetic liars.


alice-in-wonder said...

Unbelievable na?
I don't know why, but people do such things... I have seen people lie about things when they don't even remotely need to, and I have always wondered why....

Ankur said...

I can only think of one reason, that he thought u know he is married, and u were kiddin!!

otherwise i dont see y do someone wanna "boast" himself as single... Weird!!

is he happily married?

Pinku said...

hey! maybe the guy liked you and wanted to keep thinking of him as still available lols!!!

Why worry about morons like that?

another thought though a sad one is that perhaps his marriage is not going great and he therefore doesnt want to mention it.

DewdropDream said...

Okay he didn't really lie to you, merely omitted to mention it. It could've been that the moment simply got awkward, you asking him about his wedding and him feeling a bit weird since he hadn't told you when he was getting married. And you said he's not a very good friend or anything so why let his behaviour matter so much? I'm not sure about how anyone else would behave but I personally am not in the habit of revealing a lot to casual friends... if they find stuff out on their own then that's their issue but for the most part, I always maintain some distance... maybe this friend is the same way. Chin up, don't take such things to heart!

~nm said...

Could it be that his marriage is going through a rough phase?

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Agree with Keshi,and perhaps this guy thought his wife was not in any way a match for him !People and their Horrid complexes stinks

K 3 said...

Maybe he has some feelings for you!! ;)

*** evil grin ***

Preethi said...

maybe he forgot.. absent minded!!

rayshma said...

preethi: dude, i asked him! he denied.

k3: hehee.. no, no.. i'm sure. he never had nor will have any "such" feelings for me!

comps: possible... sad, if that's true.

~nm: possible...

dew: naah... he didn't omit.. he denied! i can understand not being very open with casual frenz... even i'm not. but if they ask me, i'd probably tell them. anyway, i'm sure he had his reasons.

pinku: LOL! no, he doesn't like me that way! :D second reason, maybe... don't know.

ankur: i wouldn't know if he's happily married. i didn't even know he was married! :D
aur joke tha... toh joke palle nahi pada! :D

alice: yeah... it's silly.

keshi: that really makes sense. maybe. but then, i can only feel bad for him... i hope for his sake that's not true.

loca: weird, that's how the world is!

RADhika said...

may be people do that whn they are nt happy with their decision to get married, or they are married to somebody who wa a famous weirdo!

Galadriel said...

erm.. maybe because he didn't want your conversation to be about his wedding? maybe he really was right, marriage is given a lot of importance and if you tell someone you're married, that's all they can talk about beyond that point. it may be frustrating for some people. :)

Suma said...

mebbe he's still reeling from teh shock...going back home after 3 yrs, his family must have not let go...and got him married ...

and then telling you, would have got some enthu response which perhaps he's not ready for...mebbe he just wanted to have some normal conversation...

but poor girl...the one he's married!!!

Pavi!!!! said...

Donno how i missed this post..hmph!

but ya its annoying to the core..when ppl hide the fact tht they are married..i feel its very insulting to the not sure why ppl would want to hide something so big in their a few instances that i saw it was coz the person was embarassed abt gettin married n wasn't quite ready as yet..n yes thts a sad situation to be in!

Ankur said...

hehe.. maine kaha.. ki usko laga hoga ki u know he is married, but when u asked that question, he thought... wth, so he said... nahi nahi, i dont wanna get married n all! :P

Trish said...

me thinks.. someone has the hots for rasyh!!nah nah nah na!

DotThoughts said...

yup trish, he has the hots for raysh and was fishing.

Art said...

thats very strange... but some people are like that

P said...

he didn't want to let you know that he is not available anymore :P