Aug 14, 2008

u tell me...

the most common excuse for not blogging is that people are busy with "real life". no, i'm not gonna use that. real life is not exactly happening at the moment. despite having re-viewed the dark knight in houston. despite having met sneha for a brief 2 minutes. despite opportunities coming up and going away. despite apartments to be moved out of and into. despite having to sell my beloved couch on which i perch my fat ass! despite the impending cleaning of the existing apartment, so we get our deposit back. despite MIL reaching in 2 weeks. it's not exactly blog-material now, is it?

i haven't been blogging.
because i have nothing to blog about.
but yes, i DO want to blog. and no, i don't want to do tags.

so tell me what i should write. and maybe, if i'm done packing a portion of my closet today - i'll get to it 2mrw.

off i go... resting the fate of this space into the able hands of all 10 of u who regularly visit this space. i trust u.


Ankur said...

hehehe... u know wat.. looks like ki u have written it for me!! :P

i m not bloggin for last few days, and believe me, when u r at home after 3 months... its difficult otherwise ppl start calling u names!! :P

but i think u have a lot to do, so lot to talk abt! !;)


La vida loca said...

I am too over whelmed to write....maybe I should write about that!

topics for u--
strange desis in ur community
adventures esp drunken ones
ur MIL's arrival, departure and everything b/t
how u came to accept ur body. ( u are so pretty. hard to imagine u not accepting)

Lena said...

well... i dont have anything to blog about most of the times and do it exactly because i am being called names by those monkeys who call me friend :x
but you see out of nothing you got a post ;)
and you counted your regular readers too :D

Take care, girl!

Galadriel said...

please to be bitching.. please? pretty please?

rayshma said...

everybody... take a leaf outta loca's book... and HELP!
galadriel: what do i bitch abt, eh? ;)

lena: no no.. that was a guesstimate! :D

loca: good topics :)
MIL.. she's not here yet. she reaches on the 23rd. and as of now, i'm quite looking fwd to that. will update on that eventually :)
and umm... i'm really not pretty, y'know... ask galadriel.. she's met me! :D
but, thanks! :)

ankur: take ur time. i NEVER used to login when i was home on break :) have fun and get pampered.. that's what leaves are for! :D

carolinagal said...

Arre..where is my comment?

Well, i'll send it again.

Why don't you write about the time when YOU met John Abraham? That will make a good story :)

Suma said...

you ae one we have to provide topics too?

btw, i seem to be sailing in the same boat...:)

so when you moving?

Anonymous said...

Well, just let the words come on their own.. for if you sit before your blog, you sure aint going to get anything to write!!

Not much help, am I? :(

But yeah, atleast the indifference shifted enough for you to want to write. Yippee.


Preethi said...

am sailing in the same boat.. so not the one to talk.. good luck with the move.. looks like things worked out?

Keshi said...

omg omg I soooo go with CG's hot suggestion! Write abt the time u met MY DESTINY (John Abraham that is) lol!

Hugs! Waiting for it now...:)


B o o said...

You know what you have to do if you want a long term solution to this problem, dont you? You need an interesting subject! ;)

Pavi!!!! said...

omg! the balls in our court now?!?

i have so much to write abt..n i swear..its the lack of time..want to get on the fone , take notes of my experiences..n write on my behalf?! The experiences will sound so much more nice. Really i say! I promise im not bluffin!

BTW! i hope im one of the 10 u counted...tho my comment is the 12th one here!

rayshma said...

pavi: actually, i didn't count! :D
yeah, pay me to travel with u & observe ur experiences... then i shall write abt them. pucca! ;)

boo: umm... yeah, i think i need to work with the hubby on that! ;)

CG/keshi: it was quite boring. and very professional. met him for an interview loooonngg back... i was tagging along. the girl hired to interview him had asked if i'd like to go. and i'd jumped at it! :D don't wanna blog it here... will do it on the other blog.

preethi: lots more is working out than i can handle...

alice: hehee... why've u stopped logging in? :D

suma: 31st, we move. but MIL comes on the 23rd. so will be on/off line for a bit there..
and of course, i'm smart ;)

DotThoughts said...

hmmmm... write about your clothes. and shoes and handbags.

Pinku said...

so why not blog about new neighbours and new apartment and perhaps a nice adieu to the old one?