Sep 26, 2007

feel the magic... alone!

i've never traveled alone. have always wanted to. having led a protected childhood meant that i couldn't really sneak off on trips by myself. and finding people to go explore places has been a task i haven't always succeeded at. but yes, i have traveled. with like-minded rogues for company. i have traveled a bit. and i intend to continue. but that one trip, i have to make by myself. to prove to me that i CAN. and that one trip would be to Delphi. Greece.

my fascination for greece began at an early age. it began, i think, with my fascination for mythology. when i realized that indians weren't the only ones who had "god" stories. i loved these tales. indian and firang. and have wanted to visit these lands ever since.

i r'ber having read up a lot - those were the pre-google days - and tried to figure out what all I'd like to see in greece. i did get a lot of information on athens and the acropolis and the sacred islands of delos *the birthplace of Apollo & Artemis* and the fact that the remains of Atlantis may still exist at Santorini.

but the one place i'd like, no... love to visit. by myself. is Delphi. Delphi, in ancient times, was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met. the place on earth where man was closest to the gods.

the most fascinating aspect of delphi - the oracle - is what attracts me to it. delphi isn't another place filled with ruins. they say, it's magical. and maybe, the magic still exists.
irrespective whether the oracle of delphi was Apollo's voice or the voice of a spirit, there was SOMEthing... i can't actually think of it as some form of mass-hypnosis... we just don't follow it coz we're born in a time and age that teaches us not to believe it.

at delphi, if at one point of time, "something" spoke to the people. i find it difficult to believe that it just walked away one fine day. spirits don't die. they don't disappear. it must still be there. and it must still speak. maybe, we aren't listening. maybe we're so caught up with our own thoughts, that we can't hear the voice above our own.
and that's y the need to go alone. with an open heart. a backpack. and a camera. and feel the magic that once was delphi. i hope it still exists by the time i manage to get there. i hope to hear what the oracle has to say... who knows... maybe i'll find the answers i'm not looking for even!

p.s.: mahogany's tag, and my recent greek ex-boss further fuel up the desire to visit greece!


Fuzzylogic said...

I have always found the Oracle or Delphi very fascinating. I also plan to visit the place some day. By the way when are you going??

rayshma said...

good question, my fren! i wish i cud say soon. but as of now... i can only day dream!! :)