Sep 14, 2007

yourz admirably...

picking up pixie's tag. here're things i admire in people. and since i adore the number 9, there will be 9 of these as well!
- the ability to know what they believe in. it's quite irrespective whether they stand up for it or not. most often, if they know what they believe in, they DO stand up for it as well.
- the ability to manage a serious r'ship or marriage with work. hope it was clear that i meant "manage well", and not just manage.
- the ability or attitude to carry off fluorescent green footwear with formals at work. even admire men who have long hair and wear junk jewelery and can carry it off. *i know only a few who can carry this off*
- those who're good with numbers. the mathematical types. *this is due to the fact that i suck at maths! :D*
- i admire people who give their 100% to any and everything they do. it's difficult. in today's scenario, finding genuine dedication towards what we do has become a virtue.
- admire people who have the cheek to follow their heart and do exactly what they want to do. irrespective whether it pays them or not.
- the quality in some people to make others feel responsible for every little action of theirs. i think it's called "good leadership skills", but not sure of it.
- honesty. the unadulterated, non-rude types. it's such a rare virtue today, that i absolutely admire it when i notice it in people.
- the ability to know that nobody is indispensable. and yet treat everybody with the respect they deserve for being individuals. dispensable or indispensable.


Anonymous said...

did not understand the reference of Pixie into this posting but really liked your observations - it is really rare to find people who are powerful enough to think nobody is indispensable at the same time treat even the lowest rank person with utmost respect. keep writing ....

Mahogany said...

Guess what - you've been tagged!

rayshma said...

heyy anon... thx! also, kindly leave ur name behind next time? also.. ref to pixie is coz of the tag.

mahogany... just got home! :) will chk & take up tag... shortly! :)

Pixie said...

Thank you for taking up the tag!

Your list is pretty awesome!

rayshma said...

thx pixie! :)
i actually enjoy doing tags! :0)