Sep 19, 2007

d homecoming...

i notice, as i enter...
- a different colored carpet.

- a differently directioned apartment. *yes, we've changed apartments*
- boxes. everywhere. *he hasn't unpacked*
- the kitchen. apparently clean. *MUCH cleaner than i expected it, so no complaints*
- empty closets. packed bags.
- newly brought-in bags. *by me.* to be unpacked as well.
- no pretty patio view anymore. just brick walls. and green, natural trees.
- blank walls.
- pretty, really pretty flowers, a bottle of wine and my fave dark choc. standing out in the "boxed" decor. telling me that someone's been waiting for me.
- yellow-colored post-its. everywhere. on every item that belongs to us. is used by me. with personal messages. for me. from mine.

i realize now what i've missed all this while. feels good to be pampered. feels good to know u're loved. feels good to be back with someone who'll love you the way you are for the rest of your life.

am home. finally. this is, where i belong.


upsilamba said...

Howdy gal!

Welcome home. Feels good and thrilled to bits, I sense.

Showed off your Arabic vocab skills to V yet?

plush said...

yeaa raysh...home sweet home eh....hav fun!

Pixie said...

Welcome back! :-)

Home is truly where the heart belongs :-)

Monsieur K said...

Welcome back :)
thanks for dropping by on my blog too - though, i have to admit - you havent missed much there :D

Enjoy setting up your new home!

TinTin said...

Good blog.

rayshma said...

thanx, tintin :)

ketan - how's new place treating u?

pixie... very true...realize it now more than before!

plush, babes, where have u been?

upsi chechi! arre where arabic? i don't seem to learn the language beyond how're u and thank u! :D i, do, however, pick up their accent when i speak english.. HAHAHA!!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Welcome home Raysh!!New apartment,new carpets and yet the great feeling of being back where you belong,surely nothing beat that high:)Have fun!!

TheKing said...

Looks like u'd a BIG 'welcome-back-home' ceremony ;-)

Howz new apartment treating u?

k s said...

Welcome home. :)
Ironically enough, you have to first leave in order to return home...

rayshma said...

heyy fuzz... yep, unpacking IS fun :D

mahesh - new apt's good... but we fished out a roach!! hoping that was d only one!!! :(

ks: yeah.. VERY ironical. but as the cliche goes.. u value something more when u don't have it any more. wonder why...