Sep 27, 2007

yeh jal amrit hai...

context: we use a water filter at home for filtering water, coz i HATE bottled water. also, coz both of us put together can't r'ber to kep buying water. the filter works fine for us. there's no rocket science involved. u just pour in water, it takes approx 5 mins for the water to filter thru. when i got home, the water filter was the first things i washed, cleaned and refilled!

in the evng:
V: heyy!! WOW! there's water in the filter jug!!!
me: quizzical expression. one eye-brow raised look, usually meaning... "so"
V: u filled it?
me: still confused. does that question merit an answer?!
V: *rather enthu'ly*: whenever i used to come home, i wanted water, and i'd realize that i never r'bered to fill water in the jug, so there was no filtered water for me to drink. then i had to fill water; by then i didn't feel like drinking it.
*1 minute pause till he drinks the water*
feels so good to know there's clean drinking water!

u plz don't go anywhere again, okay?!

p.s.: the title for this piece is "inspired" in bollywood style from some mineral water ad. V didn't actually say that!


Fuzzylogic said...

Aww..!see how even mundane things can inspire romance:)
By the way you have been tagged and I guess you know that:)

Anonymous said...
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rayshma said...

yes fuzz... getting to the tag.. :)
and u miss d point, hon! how even the most mundane thing can be elevated to the levels of rocket science! :D

rayshma said...
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