Aug 5, 2007

old enuf...?

scenario: 1st time clubbing in a supposedly rocking city - dubai.
motivation: bollywood music. and, of course, good company!
scene @ club: 10 of us reach the club. enthu levels as high as the stress levels all week.

the bouncer asks for my id. now, obviously, i haven't thought of carrying my passport to a club. having clubbed in bbay, am aware that these are prime locations where u lose ur most precious belongings. *okay, i meant tangibles. only!* so, i say "not carrying id". without so much as a second thought. and wait for him to push his gymmed-out biceps out of our way! however, he shows no inclination to move. so, i look to A *my fren* for guidance! *for the uninitiated, that is what i usually do when i expect a guy to ask another guy to buzz off. but i'm digressing...*

by now, everyone seems to know that he can't let me in without my id. everyone, except me, of course! i hate waiting. and since i had no idea that we were ALL being held up coz of ME, i very vocally said "what's the problem? can we go in?" THAT is when i was informed *by MY fren A* that he *the bouncer, NOT A!* was waiting for my id coz he wanted my age-proof. and then, they got into a "conversation":

the bouncer: no, ma'am, u'll need your id.

A: *sniggering to himself... then thrusting my ring almost into his face* Boss!! she's married n all man! she's even elder to ME!
*thanks! reminding me i'm old at the end of a stressed out day IS sure the best stress-buster* bouncer: sorry, sir. we will need to see her id.
me: *coming out of my shell-shocked state* WOT CRAP! wot id? why id? why wud i carry my passport to a disc? *turning to A* what's wrong with them?
A: *presuming, i'm drunk. explaining as they would to a child* kittie, they think u're underage. hahahaha! *he started laughing coz it was SO unbelievable for him!*

background: raghav & rupali *his wife. BOTH younger to me!* laughing away coz they either couldn't believe that the guy was such a dork or maybe, they couldn't understand HOW i looked underage to ANYone! renee and the others join them in their laughter until they realize that poo is and also looks younger to me. *by effect, obvsly, will be denied entry too.*

after a few more moments of trying to argue, we gave up. and waited for the all-influential SS *client #2* to park his car, come upstairs, use some influence and get us inside. without IDs!

p.s.: i understand that being considered younger than you are, MAY be a compliment. but i honestly, do NOT look younger than i am! except, of course, in TX! and being stopped from entering a club is not complimenting... it's embarassing!

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