Aug 9, 2007

do u have it in u...?

i read on some news site that sanjay dutt took an aptitude test to decide what job he'd fit into in jail. it remained my "find-for-the-day" for a couple of days, actually. i was fascinated. by the fact that jails have aptitude tests. not that sanjay dutt took one.
aptitude tests bring to my mind a mail my coleague recently shared with me. about "the company" having arranged for aptitude tests. for all employees. all, except me! *since i hadn't got the mail*
three thoughts crossed my mind simultaneously. and instantaneously.
a. the last time i took an aptitude test
b. the fact-of-the-day that jails have aptitude tests
c. i wasn't asked to take one!!!

*given the stress faktors, i should be excused for messing up the information in my head. but honestly, i cudn't place these items in order of occurence. or importance.*

the last time i took an aptitude test was for a campus interview with Leo Burnett. in 2002. they used these tests to decide whether the candidate would be a fit for the brands they were recruiting for *at least that's what was given as an offcl excuse* evaluations were on the basis of aggression, empathy bah blah blah.
why i was not asked to be a part of this *the company one. now. in 2007.* aptitude test? well, i don't know for sure - but i think i'm neither a part of MY company, nor the client's company! which leaves me in the favorable position of not being answerable to either and the unfavorable position of getting paid by neither.

as far as my knowledge goes... aptitude tests are meant to decide whether you have "it" in you. IT here, is subjective - depends on the organization in question. from what i know of hungama, a certain amount of madness, varying degrees of tolerance, adequate doses of aggression, selective audio-visuals should serve existing colleagues well. *there are of course, as usual a list of non-printables. contact me if you want a job there and i shall brief you in detail!* if you're not mad enough, you either won't survive or you won't be hired. *depending on what stage you're at when u take the goddamn test!* that would explain why i've not been asked to take the test. i really don't need to prove my MQ to any1 there!

if they'd asked me to take the test, i wonder if i still have the aptitude or the attitude to take one...!


plush said...

whoa...sanju baba actually took an aptitude test...duhh!!hmm...yea...mebbe even i shd take one...don't worry raysh these company guys tweak the tests and the apparent results as per their convinience...u know that don't u probbly didn't miss much there..but hey i am a sucker ffor those online tests..."how blaaah are u...howw blaaah shd u be"..and for me those count and apparently i was sppsd to be umm..hitched by this month...and yea...they were so wrong!!! much for aptitude or votever...

Anonymous said...

Now it is getting interesting .. if Sanjubaba took the test and he failed ... will he be thrown out of the jail or pushed more into the jail ;)

rayshma said...

plush - yeah, i aint a sucker for tests anywez! besides, wot's the point of testing aptitude POST hiring!?

anon - interesting question... but somehow, i cudn't care less abt sanjubaba's test! also, HOW can u fail an aptitude test?! :))