Aug 22, 2007

all in a day's work

d boss talks:
him: u DO know that i read ur blog very diligently?
me: yes. would be nice if you read my mails as well.
him: i don't read all mails. but yes, your blog i read very carefully. maybe more carefully than V.
me: V doesn't read my blog. but yes, he reads my mails diligently. and replies as well. even to texts/calls.
him: but i know what is happening via your blog, though
i'll have to blog the issues as well?!? will make VERY interesting reading.

d infamous AAH:
AAH: *excitedly* i bought new PINK boxers. with "miau" on them!
me: good for u.
AAH: you'll blog about that too?
NO. i will not blog abt it. or will i? hmm...

client interaction:
clt: isko aur bajna chahiye? no?
me: kisko? where? what are u saying?
clt: *pointing his phone at me - which means, he's referring to either a ringtone or RBT* im saying this is very short. make it longer.
me: i can't change it. it's live.
clt: so wot to do?
me: umm... download another one?
i still have no idea which piece of content was being referred to.

agency interaction: *u won't get this unless you're telecom/vas/telecom-media related*
me: now that u have access, u can upload the tones. when will i get the RBTs?
them: but we're uploading the RBTs.
me: on WAP???
them: that is how we always do it.
no wonder u've never recd download reports!!

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