Aug 25, 2007

faith, misplaced...

heard of the woman who wanted to be superwoman? i have. and i meet a few frequently.
the woman who feels that she's the ONE.
the ONE who'll turn the cretin into human.
the ONE who'll get your agency to stick to their words & timelines.
the ONE whom every man would want to change himself for.
the ONE who'll make the khadoos client understand work pressures.
the ONE who'll cleanse the world of it's impurity.
the ONE who'll go ahead and save the world.
this of course, never happens. and it tends to leave the woman in case rather upset.

not about her own life *she's got it going for her!*
not about her own career *that's moving up the right track*
not about anyone who genuinely cares for her *they wouldn't treat her wrong. ever.*
but about a completely worthless being. whose existence shouldn't affect her at all. but it does. coz she lets it.

a fren recently asked why it's so difficult to cleanse our systems of the worthless. well, because of this same inherent, misplaced faith that women tend to have in themselves! the faith that they can change someone *for the better OR worse - that's irrelevant!* they can't. and then, they're unhappy about it.

keep the faith, but be practical. coz at the end of the day, if your happiness depends on someone else, you've got urself a problem!


Noodlehead said...

women are genetically programed to give themselves grief. they're always worried about the others - maid, milkman, boss, dog, cat, name it! what to do, we are like this only :(

K S said...

Long time no write...wassup?

rayshma said...

heyy noodlez...
yeps. the eternal quest to be superwoman! :D

heyy ks... sorry was caught up with life... or something like it. will be regular now... promise! :)