Aug 18, 2007

of human roaches...

d other day, a fren said that the burj-al-arab building reminds him of a cockroach. that set me thinking. now, i personally, detest roaches. apart from the fact that they're slimy -
- cockroaches are among the most hated insects.

- they thrive in dirt, trash and grime, but cockroaches can infest even clean and well-organized homes and buildings.
- cockroaches existed 354 million years ago.
- cockroaches display group-based decision making abilities. apparently, wikipedia has done experiments to prove this as well *researching roach behaviour...interesting!*
- pest species of cockroaches adapt readily to a variety of environments. *only d pests, mind u...;)*
- only about 20 species of cockroaches out of the 3,500 are suited to thrive in the typical home. *d rest go to office with you?!*
- cockroaches are known survivors. they can survive any & almost everything. *insults, being d least of the concerns...!*
- cockroaches are opportunistic. the slightest narrowest open window of opportunity & they can sneak in! and once in, you better get used to living with them!
- u may detest them; but getting rid of them is next to impossible

going through these factoids... it occurs to me... there're alleged humans who display all or some of these characteristics as well. there i go, supporting darwin's theory that all of us have evolved from one source. yes - roaches and humans, as well. can u come up with a better reason as to why i know someone who fits into ALL these traits? except that he hasn't been around for 354 million years. but try spending over 5 minutes of conversational time with him - feels like 354 million years! hmm... i must observe the human roach more closely on the next encounter. there must be SOME pesticide that'll get rid of him...!


MJS said...

Tell me tell u, there aren't ANY pesticides to get rid of 'some' roaches. The best thing to do is to shield yourself so well, that they never find any opening to creep into your life!!!

Suruchi said...

there are no pesticides or a shield against roaches!! All you have to do is put up with them and tolerate their existence! they can survive nuclear holocaust - its a scientifically proven fact

rayshma said...

mrids - too late, my fren.. too late!

suruchi! SO with u on this one...!

Anonymous said...

You can always kill a roach. Do not depend on external powers to get rid of a roach you detest. Some can kill by looks or some can kill by words and some can kill by stomping on them. Choose your style

rayshma said...

appreciate the help. but knowing ur name wud help me know if i shud treat u seriously or not.